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Development of Critical Thinking Self-Assessment System Using Wearable Device


Gotoh, Y. (2015). Development of Critical Thinking Self-Assessment System Using Wearable Device. International Association for the Development of the Information Society.


In this research the author defines critical thinking as skills and dispositions which enable one to solve problems logically and to attempt to reflect autonomously by means of meta-cognitive activities on one's own problem-solving processes. The author focuses on providing meta-cognitive knowledge to help with self-assessment. To develop students' critical thinking, it is important for students to be able to use critical thinking rubric and assess themselves. Critical thinking self-assessment system has three components, video recording system using a wearable device, critical thinking rubric and meta-cognitive activities. [For the full proceedings, see ED562093.]

Themes: College Students, Computer Uses in Education, Critical Thinking, Elementary School Students, Foreign Countries, Handheld Devices, High School Students, Junior High School Students, Metacognition, Problem Solving, Scoring rubrics, Self Evaluation (Individuals), Video Technology