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Assessment – Integral to the TLA


Allen, D., Pusecker, K. L., & O’Laughlin, N. (2013, August 5). Assessment – Integral to the TLA. Assessment – Integral to the TLA.


The University of Delaware has ePortfolio projects at various stages. New programs such as Nursing would be identified as emerging as they explore the best platform to meet their accreditation needs. While other more seasoned programs such as the Undergraduate Research Program resides at the other end of the spectrum and provides students with a transformational ePortfolio experience where they reflect upon their research experience and receive feedback from peers, program assistants, and other external parties. Inquiry is focused upon ePortfolio thinking about the research process, targeting their personal goals, and reporting upon their progress. Students integrate their research with their major as well as their career plans. Most of our programs however would identify as developing. They have established ePortfolio processes and are still working on extrapolating the data from the ePortfolio system. They all continue to make ongoing modifications.