Sponsorship at AAC&U

The Association of American Colleges and Universities connects your company or organization with decision makers and thought leaders across the higher education spectrum.

AAC&U is the premier association for improving the quality of student learning throughout all sectors of higher education with membership comprising a wide variety of institutions (large and small, public and private, two-year and four-year, domestic and international, secular and faith-based, liberal arts and STEM-focused); tribal colleges, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities; and entire state systems.

AAC&U gives you direct access to presidents, chancellors, senior academic officers, faculty, and foundation leaders. AAC&U serves over 65,000 higher education leaders and more than 1,400 member institutions. 

AACU’s meetings and conferences are some of the largest annual gatherings of university presidents and institutional leaders in the United States. 

AAC&U Membership 2018 AAC&U Annual Meeting Attendance
AAC&U Membership 2018 AAC&U Annual Meeting Attendance

In addition to the Annual Meeting, AAC&U hosts a series of leadership institutes, annual conferences, publications, webinars, and additional events across four programmatic areas:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Student Success
  • Global Engagement
  • Transforming STEM Higher Education
  • General Education, Assessment, and Workforce Alignment

Some sponsorship levels include the option for promotion at events and in publications in one or more of these programmatic areas.

AAC&U reaches a vast network of academic leaders and faculty members across higher education through publications including highly regarded and respected journals—​Peer Review, Liberal Education, and Diversity & Democracy—and the AAC&U News e-newsletter.

AAC&U gives you a wide range of sponsorship and partnership opportunities to increase visibility, raise awareness, and broaden your audience.

All Annual Meeting sponsors will be listed, by sponsorship level, on AAC&U’s website and will be included in the Preliminary Program (mailed to 20,000+), electronic campaign materials (emailed to 65,000+), and Final Programs (distributed to 2,000+).

Sponsorship Level Friend Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
  $3,250 $6,250 $12,000 $22,000 $45,000 $75,000+
Advertising Benefits
Final Program Advertising Purchases 20% discount 30% discount   50% discount 50% discount and ¼ page included 50% discount and ½ page included 50% discount and full page included
Digital Advertising   20% discount 30% discount 50% discount 1 banner ad 2 banner ads
Journal Recognition       [okay] [okay] [okay]
AAC&U Annual Meeting
Materials on registration tables     [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay]
Exhibit Table Option (see fees below; only 20 available)   Available for purchase 20% discount 30% discount 50% discount [okay]
Event Sponsorship Option (see fees below; limited availability)   Available for purchase 10% discount 20% discount 30% discount 50% discount
Vendor Session Option (see fees below; limited availability)   Available for purchase Available for purchase 10% discount 25% discount 50% discount
Private Meeting Room          [okay] [okay]
Registrations 1 2 3 4 6 8
Presidents' Forum Invitations                                 1 2 4
Other AAC&U Conferences, Institutes, Webinars, or Publications
Some sponsorship levels include options for promotion at other AAC&U conferences and events or in publications.
Check = included with sponsorship level​
Available for purchase = these promotional opportunities are only available to sponsors at these designated levels.

Advertising, Exhibit, and Promotion Charges

Prices are in addition to sponsorship level purchase (see chart above).

Exhibit and Presentation
Exhibit Table (coffee break area) $3,000
Exhibit Table (registration area) $2,500
Exhibit Table (secondary break area) $1,500
Vendor Presentation Session Cost (6 available)  $5,000
Annual Meeting Brand Promotions
Signage TBD
Tote Bags TBD
Hotel Key Cards/Do Not Disturb Signs TBD
Ads in Annual Meeting Final Program
¼ Page $480
½ Page $780
Full Page $1,260
Inside front (1 available) $1,780
Inside Back (1 available)  $1,580
Back cover (1 available) $2,280
Digital Banner Ad on Website
Annual Meeting Page (1 available)  $1,580
Registration Page (1 available) $1,580
Mobile App Sponsorship $2,250
Annual Meeting Event Sponsorships
Opening Forum/Reception $10,000
Presidents’ Luncheon  $10,000
Opening Plenary and Break $10,000
Closing Plenary and Break $7,500
Pre-meeting Symposium $7,500
Presidents’ Breakfast $6,000
Women’s Breakfast  $5,500
Faculty and Administrators of Color Luncheon $5,500
General Coffee Breaks (per break) $5,000
ePortfolio Forum  $4,500
“Contemporary Issues” Networking Breakfast  $4,000
“Big Questions” Networking Breakfast  $2,500

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact:
Andrew Flagel, PhD
Vice President for Advancement and Membership Engagement
Association of American Colleges and Universities