Sponsorship at AAC&U

AAC&U sponsors support our mission of advancing the vitality and public standing of liberal education by making quality and equity the foundations for excellence in undergraduate education in service to democracy. Liberal education depends upon the free exchange of ideas, and each of our sponsors has made a commitment to the unfettered pursuit of truth.

Partnership Opportunities with the Association of American Colleges and Universities

As an AAC&U sponsor, you partner with one of the largest and most established educational organizations. You gain access to more than 70,000 higher education professionals, including presidents and provosts, at more than 1,400 member institutions. 

AAC&U members deeply value the work of the Association, and they are grateful to organizations demonstrating a shared commitment to furthering student outcomes and promoting the value of higher education.

AAC&U offers you opportunities for long-term partnerships with distinctive opportunities to enhance your reputation for thought leadership and innovation. We limit the number of sponsors to offer close, personal interactions with our members at five major meetings and conferences throughout the year across the country, as well as through a variety of communication tools. 

The Annual Meeting is our largest event each year, and the AAC&U Presidents’ Trust seminars coincide with the Annual Meeting. Four major thematic conferences gather thought leaders and practitioners throughout the year to explore the subjects of General Education and Assessment; Diversity, Equity, and Student Success; Transforming STEM Higher Education; and Global Engagement and Social Responsibility.

AAC&U Membership 2018 AAC&U Annual Meeting Attendance
AAC&U Membership 2018 AAC&U Annual Meeting Attendance


Sponsorship Level Friend Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Annual Meeting $3,250 $6,250 $12,000 $22,000 $45,000 $75,000
Thematic Conferences   $3250 $6250 $12,000 $22,000 $45,000
Promotional Benefits
Corporate Membership     At sponsor rate   [okay] [okay] [okay]
Sponsorship listed with link in electronic promotions* [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay]
Sponsorship listed in printed mailing** [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay]
Sponsorship listed on website, on mobile app, and in program  [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay]
Logo on meeting or conference signage       [okay] [okay] [okay]
Recognition in AAC&U journals       [okay] [okay] [okay]
Email to attendees^      [okay] [okay] [okay] [okay]
Email to membership^        [okay] [okay] (up to 2)
Sponsorship of weekly Liberal Education News Watch email       (1 week)  (2 weeks) (4 weeks)
AAC&U Conferences
Advertising in Program 20% discount 30% discount 50% discount ½ page ad included and 50% discount on any additional ads 1 page ad included and 50% discount on  any additional ads  1 page ad in location of choice*** and 75% discount on any additional ads
Digital advertising   20% discount 30% discount 50% discount 1 banner ad*** 2 banner ads***
Exhibit table    Available for purchase 20% discount 30% discount 50% discount (larger space) ✔ (larger space and space of choice***)
Partner session presentation    Available for purchase Available for purchase 10% discount 25% discount [okay]
Event sponsorship    Available for purchase 10% discount 20% discount 30% discount 50% discount
Private meeting room          [okay] [okay]
Meeting registrations      1                     2 3 4 6 8
Presidents’ Trust Symposium invitations (Annual Meeting only)       1 2 4

Check = included with sponsorship level​
Available for purchase = these promotional opportunities are only available to sponsors at these designated levels.
* to over 70,000 higher education leaders
** to over 20,000 higher education professionals at AAC&U member institutions, including more than 1,400 presidents and provosts
*** based on space available at time of contract
^all content must be approved by AAC&U


Advertising, Exhibit, and Promotion Charges 
Prices are in addition to sponsorship level purchase. (See chart above.)

Ads in Final programs for Annual Meeting/Thematic Conferences
1/4 page $480/$300
1/2 page $780/$400
Full page $1,260/$750
Inside front (1 available) $1,780/$1,000
Inside back (1 available) $1,580/$1,000
Back cover (1 available) $2,280/$1,500
Digital Advertising for Annual Meeting/Thematic Conferences
Banner ad on primary event web page            $1,580/$1,000
Banner ad on registration web page  $1,580/$1,000
Mobile app sponsorship  $2,250
Exibit and Presentation Annual Meeting/Thematic Conferences
Exhibit table (coffee break area)  $3,000/$1,500
Partner session presentation (4–8 per meeting/conference)   $5,000/$3,000
Annual Meeting/Thematic Conferences: Event Sponsorships (additional events may be available)
Presidents’ Trust Symposium $20,000
Opening Forum/Reception $10,000
Presidents’ Trust Luncheon $10,000
Opening Plenary and Break $10,000/$5,000
Closing Plenary and Break $7,500/$3,500
Pre-Meeting Symposium $7,500
Presidents’ Trust Breakfast $7,500
Women’s Breakfast  $5,500
Faculty and Administrators of Color Lunch $5,500 
General coffee breaks (per break) $5,000
E-Portfolio Forum $4,500
“Contemporary Issues” Networking Breakfast  $4,000
“Big Questions” Networking Breakfast  $2,500
Additional opportunities for brand promotion throughout AAC&U Annual Meeting and conferences are available on request.


Additional Partnership Opportunities


AAC&U hosts seven to ten webinars each year. Webinar topics are selected to address topics of current interest to AAC&U members, and attendance varies from 300 to 1,000 participants.

Webinars are promoted actively to more than 70,000 higher education leaders, including our more than 1,400 institutional member presidents.


Webinars Bronze Silver Gold
1 $3,000 $5,000 $10,000
2 $5,000 $9,000 $18,000
3 $6,750 $12,000 $24,000
4 $8,000 $14,000 $28,000


AAC&U’s Liberal Education News Watch (LENW) curates the week’s top five articles and op-eds on liberal education and inclusive excellence. The LENW email is sent to approximately 47,000 subscribers every Friday (except holidays) and is archiv ed o n AAC&U’s website .

35% faculty members with roles related to undergraduate education 
25% college and university staff
15% deans and chief academic officers 
15% chief executive officers
10% students

Clickable sponsor logo at the top of the email
Clickable sponsor blurb (20–30 words) at the bottom of the email 
Sole sponsor (only one sponsor per issue)
47,000 subscribers 
Average 20% open rate
Distributed every Friday at approximately 12:00 pm ET (except holidays)


Sponsorship # of issues Cost
Single-issue 1 $1,000
Five-issue package 5 $4,500
Ten-issue package 10 $8,500
Twenty-issue package 20 $15,000


AAC&U produces three of the most prestigious higher education journals, published quarterly: Peer Review, Liberal Education, and Diversity & Democracy. Hard copies are distributed to higher education leaders across our more than 1,400 institutional members. Our journals are also frequently purchased by nonmembers and can be found on display in many university presidents’ offices. 

All advertising in our journals is subject to the approval of AAC&U. Full page ads may, at the discretion of AAC&U, be used for content-centered articles relevant to the corresponding publication, with appropriate designation as sponsored content.


# of issues 1/4 page 1/2 page Full Page 2 pages 4 pages
1 $1,000 $1,750 $3,000 $5,000 $10,000
4 $3,500 $6,500 $11,500 $17,500 $35,000
8 $6,500 $12,500 $22,000 $40,000 $70,000
16 $12,500 $24,000 $40,000 $75,000 $150,000

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact:
Andrew Flagel, PhD
Vice President for Advancement and Membership Engagement
Association of American Colleges and Universities