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This Week on The Academic Minute (2021.12.06)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2021.12.06

Monday, December 6th

Amanda McKinney, assistant professor of health sciences at Doane University, looks back on past pandemics to see what we can learn for today.

Tuesday, December 7th

Eric Bellone, assistant professor of government and applied legal studies at Suffolk University, examines the reasons citizens of U.S. territories are not treated the same as mainland ones.

Wednesday, December 8th

Joshua Rothman, professor of history at the University of Alabama, discusses one often overlooked part of America’s history.

Thursday, December 9th

Orlaith Heymann, PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Cincinnati, examines what goes into the selection of an abortion clinic.

Friday, December 10th

Mariusz Kozak, associate professor of music at Columbia University, discusses why music brings us together.



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