Institute Faculty

Jeanne Beatrix Law

Professor of English, Kennesaw State University

Jeanne Beatrix Law serves as a Professor of English at Kennesaw State University, where her academic pursuits span teaching, research, and service with a focus on human-machine writing and digitizing historical civil rights rhetorics. Her research portfolio reflects a deep engagement with digital humanities and the educational applications of generative artificial intelligence. A significant aspect of her scholarly work involves the Atlanta Student Movement, of the 1960s. She has led the recovery and digital dissemination of more than 20 narratives central to the movement, blending technological tools with historical inquiry to illuminate this critical chapter of civil rights history. Her studies on civil rights rhetorics have been featured in Routledge, SIU, and Purdue University presses among others. Her trending work in generative AI includes articles with the University of Michigan Press as well as TheChronicle of Higher Education and broadcast media. This cross-pollination exemplifies her research on the intersection of technology, education, and social justice. Her work has garnered support from the Rich Foundation and The Teagle Foundation among others. She has served in advisory roles for Macmillan Education, the Council of Writing Program Administrators, and the CCCCs Research Network Forum.

Areas of Expertise

  • Digital histography
  • Integration of diversity & inclusion with generative AI case uses
  • OER in general education contexts
  • Prompt engineering
  • Student success impacts with AI engagement