Institute Faculty

David Hubert

David Hubert

Associate Provost for Learning Advancement, Salt Lake Community College

David Hubert is the Associate Provost for Learning Advancement at Salt Lake Community College, where he is responsible for ePortfolio, study abroad, community-engaged learning, the honors program, general education, program assessment, the prison education program, and open educational resources. He previously served as the Director of SLCC’s Faculty Teaching and Learning Center. A tenured faculty in Political Science, David is the author of the OER textbook Attenuated Democracy: A Critical Introduction to U.S. Government and Politics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Faculty development
  • OER authoring
  • Institution and general education-wide adoption of OER
  • OER partnerships and synergy across campus
  • ePortfolio pedagogy
  • Signature assignments and reflection
  • General Education assessment using ePortfolios
  • ePortfolio program review
  • Learning communities
  • Study abroad
  • Bringing HIPs initiatives to scale