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Innovative OER Model for Technology-Enhanced Academic and Entrepreneurial Learning


Stefanovic, N., & Milosevic, D. (2016). Innovative OER Model for Technology-Enhanced Academic and Entrepreneurial Learning. In M. Jemni, Kinshuk, & M. K. Khribi (Eds.), Open Education: from OERs to MOOCs (pp. 337–359). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-662-52925-6_17


In today’s globalized, networked and fast-changing environment, knowledge became invaluable asset for everyone—students, workers and organizations. Lifelong learning became crucial to the future of our society. In order to foster more effective and collaborative learning and knowledge exchange it is necessary to utilize modern information technologies and services. If used in the right way, information technology can transform and energize educational process, stimulate learning in anyplace and anytime, promote creative thinking and make better use of existing individual and organizational resources. Although modern web technologies and open educational resources (OER) have great potential to bring new opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange, at the same time, developing successful OER systems is very challenging. Design of an innovative and open learning software environment needs a holistic approach, which comprises specific methodology, software architecture, and various services, applications and tools. The rationale of this chapter is to introduce the innovative open educational model and supporting software system that is capable to answer the major challenges of modern education. The proposed OER model and software platform enables creation of agile and adaptable educational ecosystem that can transform the learning experience, and connect individuals, educational institutions and companies.

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