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Designing for open and social learning


Couros, A., & Hildebrandt, K. (2016). Designing for open and social learning. In G. Veletsianos (Ed.), Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning: Foundations and Applications. Athabasca University Press. https://doi.org/10.15215/aupress/9781771991490.01


In January 2008, Alec Couros led an open-access, graduate level, educational technology course at the University of Regina titled “Education, Curriculum, and Instruction (EC&I) 831: Open, Connected, Social.” In the book Emerging Technologies in Distance Education we documented the initial run of the course (Couros, 2010). Since then, Couros has taught the course an additional six times. While the overall philosophy and structure have remained largely the same, the course has evolved in light of emerging technologies, student feedback, and societal trends in the use of social media. The revised version of this chapter includes an updated description of the technologies that are central to the course’s structure and a new how-to section that includes strategies and suggestions for developing an open course based on past student feedback.

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