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Adult learning and open educational resources


LeMire, S. (2024). Adult learning and open educational resources. Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning, 1–14. https://doi.org/10.1080/02680513.2024.2311768


Open Educational Resources, or OER, are increasingly popular in higher education. Within the USA, and globally, more faculty are embracing these open access textbooks as a way to save their students money, create flexibility for new pedagogical strategies, and support student success. Though all students can benefit from OER, certain student populations are likely to demonstrate more substantial gains than others from their implementation. Determining which student populations are most likely to benefit from OER is important for prioritising resources and advocating for OER adoption. This study explores the impact of OER on a particular student population little covered in the OER literature: adult learners. It examines the focus of existing literature on the use of textbooks by adult learners and evaluates how research findings could influence the efficacy of OER for adult learners.

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