OER Citations

A Qualitative Study on the Digital Preservation of OER


Hare, S., & Sullivan, M. (2020). A Qualitative Study on the Digital Preservation of OER. Portal: Libraries and the Academy, 20(4), 749–773. https://doi.org/10.1353/pla.2020.0036


Libraries continue to spearhead initiatives to incentivize instructors to adopt, adapt, and create open educational resources (OER). However, these programs often do not explicitly require educators to preserve the OER they create. Drawing on an analysis of semi-structured interviews with six experts, this article presents considerations for libraries interested in preserving OER and recommendations for OER librarians who are new to digital preservation. The study makes an argument for why and how libraries could begin to preserve OER. Future areas of investigation include better understanding how OER repositories preserve such resources and how consortia models can support this work.

Citation Type: Journal Article