AAC&U supports the educational mission of colleges and universities across the global landscape of higher education and partners with campus leaders and educators at all levels.

HBCUs have been members of the association since it was founded in 1915. We invite you to join the more than one-third of all HBCUs that are currently AAC&U members.

An Invitiation to Lead

President David Wilson (Morgan State University) and Dr. Timothy K. Eatman (Rutgers University–Newark), both members of the AAC&U Board of Directors, discuss the vital role of HBCUs in American higher education—and in AAC&U.

A Message from AAC&U President Lynn Pasquerella

Your decision to join would benefit you and your campus, and your participation in the association would greatly benefit AAC&U and our more than 1,000 institutional members around the world. Get started.

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