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Core Commitments: Educating Students for Personal and Social Responsibility

NEWS--New AAC&U Partnership: Iowa State University to be the home of the Personal and Social Responsibility Inventory. See the PSRI webpage for more information.


Core Commitments

Core Commitments aims to reclaim and revitalize the academy’s role in fostering students’ development of personal and social responsibility. The initiative focuses national attention on the importance of students exploring their ethical responsibilities to self and others. It is designed to help campuses create learning environments in which all students reach for excellence in the use of their talents, take responsibility for the integrity and quality of their work, and engage in meaningful practices that prepare them to fulfill their obligations in an academic community and as responsible global and local citizens.

Core Commitments emphasizes five dimensions of personal and social responsibility and reflects a guiding philosophy focused on institutional pervasiveness.


Projects within the initiative include:

  • A Leadership Consortium of 23 colleges and universities working to expand, deepen, and assess education for personal and social responsibility;
    • Research and Assessment, including the development of a new campus climate survey, the Personal and Social Responsibility
    , and the convening of directors of key national and multi-institutional research studies into a Personal and Social Responsibility Research and Educational Change Collaborative;
    • A Presidential Call to Action, where college and university presidents pledge their leadership and best efforts in support of a far-reaching re-engagement with issues of ethics and civic responsibility; and
    Resources, to mobilize broad interest in these outcomes and to support campuses in their efforts to make personal and social responsibility part of a substantive vision for student learning in the college years.

Core Commitments is supported by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

For more information, please contact Chad Anderson, Program Associate, at 202-387-3760, ext. 429, or email