December 2011
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“Global Learning for Global Citizenship” at Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU), as its name suggests, was founded with a distinctly global outlook. The Miami-based university is known for its extensive area studies and diverse faculty and student population—FIU’s student body is composed of 81 percent ethnic and racial minority students, and the university confers more bachelor’s and master’s degrees to Hispanic students than any other institution in the United States. But until recently, “that diverse, global aspect wasn’t actually being put to use for student learning,” says Hilary Landorf, director of the FIU Office of Global Learning Initiatives.


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The State of Young America: Education and Employment in the Millennial Generation

In Defense of Liberal Arts Education
Jill Tiefenthaler, The Denver Post, October 24, 2011

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Can We Bring Together the National Conversations on Cost and Quality?
It is highly unusual for a US president to call a small group of higher education leaders to the White House. But, these are clearly unusual times. Building on national economic concerns being expressed so powerfully through the various “occupy” demonstrations, many reporters have begun more intense coverage of the issues of college costs and student debt—the topics of today’s White House meeting. The meeting today follows on a high-profile speech delivered in late November by Education Secretary Arne Duncan in which he called on higher education officials to “think more creatively—and with much greater urgency” about how to reduce the cost of going to college... More...

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