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The Academic Minute for 2021.09.06-2021.09.10

The Academic Minute from 09.06 – 09.10

Monday, September 6th
Meredith Kneavel LaSalle University
Athletic Trainers: Unseen Healthcare Workers of the Pandemic
Dr. Meredith Kneavel, Ph.D., has training as a biopsychologist whose foundational work was in the study of sex differences in stress, learning, and memory. Her stress research has expanded to understanding interventions for reducing stress including written emotional expression and the health and physiological correlations that accompany it. More recently, her research has focused on understanding concussions and reporting behavior through the development of a peer concussion education program and expanded to understanding the psychosocial model of concussion reporting. In addition, she evaluates the scholarship of teaching and learning to enhance pedagogy particularly in the areas of research methods and statistics.

Tuesday, September 7th
Shamma Alam – Dickinson College
Job Losses and Physical Activity of Young Adults in a Recession
Shamma Alam is Associate Professor on International Studies at Dickinson College. He is an expert on economic shocks and understanding their impacts on individual and household decision-making. Alam is an economist by training, and his research focuses on different aspects of health economics, international development, and population issues. His articles have been published in top journals like the Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Development Economics, and Southern Economic Journal.

In addition to his role at Dickinson, he also served as a Consultant at the World Bank several times, including in their Economic Policy, Poverty and Gender Group, Development Data Group, and East Asia and Pacific Region group. He also previously served as a consultant in the Agriculture Policy Team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He also currently serves as a Research Associate at the CEQ Institute at Tulane University.

Wednesday, September 8th
Jacquelyn Wiersma-Mosley – University of Arkansas
Creating A Culturally Competent Campus
Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma-Mosley is a Professor of Human Development and Family Sciences in the School of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Her research and teaching focus on assessing and training students, faculty, staff and campus leaders in cultural competence (via the Intercultural Development Inventory).

Thursday, September 9th
Richard Lopez – Bard College
Emotion Regulation Strategies: Know Your Toolbox
Professor Richard Lopez is an assistant professor of psychology at Bard College, where he teaches courses on the science of goal pursuit, social neuroscience, and statistics. He also directs the Regulation of Everyday Affect, Craving, and Health (REACH) Lab. His research seeks to address questions such as: how can we better understand our cravings and emotions—as we experience them in our daily lives? And: how do our goals and motivations influence the extent to which we keep our desires and feelings in check?

Friday, September 10th
Mark Miller – Hokkaido University
Warping Effects of Social Media
Mark Miller is a philosopher of cognition. His research explores what recent advances in neuroscience can tell us about human happiness and wellbeing, and what it means to live well in our increasingly technologically mediated world. He is an assistant professor at the Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience at Hokkaido University in Japan.


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