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This Week on The Academic Minute (2024.05.27)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2024.05.27


Ernesto Sagas, professor of ethnic studies at Colorado State University, looks at the complexities of the political situation in Haiti amidst the current crisis.


Sophia Tintori, postdoctoral associate in the biology department at New York University, heads to Chornobyl to find out what worms can teach us about DNA damage.


Gerard Dumancas, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton, determines how to tell if imported honey is pure, or altered.


Diego Luis, assistant professor of Latin American history at Tufts University, examines the history of Asian peoples in the Americas through one individual.


Niusha Jones, assistant professor of marketing at the College of Business and Economics at Boise State University, determines whether your favorite sports team influences what drink you have after the game.


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