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This Week on The Academic Minute (2023.02.20)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2023.02.20


Pankhuri Malhotra, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Oklahoma, looks at how brand can find success by partnering with a disparate partner.


Barbara Combs, professor of sociology and chair of the department of sociology and criminal justice at Kennesaw State University, looks into how the definition of “place” can be complex when it comes to the history of racism in the United States.


Nir Eisikovits, professor of philosophy and founding director of the Applied Ethics Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston, considers the impacts of A.I. on everyday life.


Beth Livingston, Ralph L. Sheets assistant professor of industrial relations at the Tippie college of business at the University of Iowa, develops a way to combat the divides women still face in the workplace.


Keith Diaz, Florence Irving associate professor of behavioral medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, explores the health harms of sitting.


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