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This Week on The Academic Minute (2023.02.13)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2023.02.13


Heather Welch, project scientist at the University of California Santa Cruz, looks to help illuminate some of the issues faced in locating fishing vessel who are hiding their locations in the open ocean.


Parichehr Kazemi, 5th-year PhD candidate in political science at the University of Oregon, explores how images can be used for protest.


Mark Bartholomew, professor of law at the University of Buffalo School of Law, explains just what is considered a creative spark in the eyes of the law.


Brad Bushman, professor of communication and Rinehart chair of mass communication at The Ohio State University, delves into what influences kids to want to use a gun.


Cynthia Orozco, professor of history and humanities at Eastern New Mexico University, Ruidoso, examines the life of Alonso Perales.


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