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The Academic Minute for 2022.10.24-2022.10.28

The Academic Minute from 10.24 – 10.28

Monday, October 24th
Tracy Brooks Binghamton University
Targets Proteins Related to Cancer
Dr. Brooks’ research has centered on oncology, anti-cancer therapeutics and development of new targets for drugs through a focus on DNA and the proteins that it controls. She also has project that focus on validating CBD-based products as safe and efficacious for diseases like inflammatory pain and cancer, and collaborates with colleagues on novel drug development for cancer and inflammation.

Tuesday, October 25th
Henry Tran – University of South Carolina
Improving the Attractiveness of the Teaching Profession Through Talent-Centered Education Leadership
Henry Tran is an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policies who studies issues related to education human resources (HR). He has published extensively on the topic, and holds two national HR certifications. He is also the co-lead editor of the book How did we get here?: The decay of the teaching profession, editor of the Journal of Education Human Resources, and the Director of the Talent Centered Education Leadership Initiative.

Prior to his professorship, Tran served as an HR practitioner in both the private sector and in public education. He draws from both experiences in his research and teaching.

Wednesday, October 26th
Andrew Mines – George Washington University
Taliban and Counterterrorism
Andrew Mines is a Research Fellow at the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. He studies extremist psychology, behavior, groups, movements, and ideologies across the globe. Andrew is an Investigator with the National Counterterrorism Innovation, Technology, and Education Center (NCITE), a DHS Center of Excellence. His latest research focuses on the Islamic State’s affiliate in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, ISIS-K, and he is co-authoring a book publication on the group for release in 2022.

Thursday, October 27th
Oscar Fernandez – Portland State University
Disrupting Trauma Tourism in Diversity Workshops and Scholarship Essays
Dr. Óscar Fernández works at Portland State University. He is an immigrant scholar from Costa Rica. He specializes in inter-American studies, literary theory, and the intersection of culture, sexuality, and representations of disease in Iberoamerican literature. His published work appears in Comparative Literature Studies, Oregon Literary Review, the Journal of General Education: A Curricular Commons of the Humanities and Sciences, Textbook & Academic Authors Association’s book—Guide to Making Time to Write—, PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association), and Routledge’s Global South Scholars in the Western Academy. He earned a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from The Pennsylvania State University.

Friday, October 28th
Rebecca Rozelle-Stone – University of North Dakota
Attending to Crisis Fatigue
Rebecca Rozelle-Stone, Ph.D. is Director of the University Honors Program and Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Dakota. She earned her B.A. in philosophy at Birmingham-Southern College and her M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy, with emphasis in American and Continental philosophy respectively, at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Rozelle-Stone served as the President (2014-2016) of the American Weil Society and has written books and essays on Simone Weil. Aside from this, her research interests include existential philosophy, feminism, the ethics of attention, and the growing field of fatigue studies.


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