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This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.08.15)

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Week on The Academic Minute 2022.08.15

Monday, August 15th

Ranjith Ramasamy, associate professor and director of reproductive urology, looks into whether COVID-19 vaccines harm male fertility.

Tuesday, August 16th

Luanda Grazette, professor of medicine, examines why More patients are surviving heart failure than ever before.

Wednesday, August 17th

James Galvin, professor of neurology, delves into how misdiagnosis is a common problem that can cause havoc for patients.

Thursday, August 18th

Christine Dinh, associate professor of otolaryngology, otology, neurology and lateral skull base surgery, discusses one affliction that still is without a cure.

Friday, August 19th

Maria Abreu, professor of medicine, looks into the best diet for IBD and Crohn’s sufferers.


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