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The Academic Minute for 2022.06.27-2022.07.01

The Academic Minute from 06.27 – 07.01

Monday, June 27th
Trudi Jacobson North-West University
Students Reflect on Their Roles and Responsibilities as Wikipedia Editors
Trudi Jacobson holds the rank of Distinguished Librarian Emerita at the University at Albany. Her career has focused on the intersections of pedagogy and information literacy. She is the co-author or co-editor of 14 books. The most recent was published in early 2022, Metaliteracy in a Connected World: Developing Learners as Producers, co-authored with Dr. Thomas Mackey. The author of numerous journal articles and book chapters, she also co-chaired the national task force that developed the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. She taught in the WikiEdu program for 7 semesters, and continues to edit and teach Wikipedia editing.

Tuesday, June 28th
Zachary McDowell – University of Illinois at Chicago
Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality
Zachary J. McDowell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois, Chicago. His research focuses on access and advocacy in digitally mediated peer production spaces. In particular, Zach’s research focuses on digital literacy, self efficacy, and how digitally mediated tools, particularly Wikipedia, shape these areas of inquiry.

Wednesday, June 29th
Naniette Coleman – University of California Berkeley
Diversifying the Hands that Combat Misinformation One Wikipedia “Edit” Button Click at a Time
Naniette H. Coleman is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of California Berkeley and a multi-year UC-National Laboratory Graduate Fellow (Los Alamos). She is the only social scientist selected for this distinction in the history of the program.

Naniette’s work sits at the intersection of the sociology of culture and organizations and focuses on cybersecurity, surveillance, and privacy in the US context. Specifically, Naniette’s research examines how organizations assess risk, make decisions, and respond to data breaches and organizational compliance with state, federal, and international privacy laws. Naniette was the recipient of the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award from the American Association of Colleges & Universities in 2019.

Thursday, June 30th
Matthew Vetter – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Understanding Instructor Motivations for Adopting Wikipedia-Based Assignments
Dr. Matthew Vetter is an Associate Professor of English and affiliate faculty in the Composition and Applied Linguistics PhD Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. A scholar in writing, rhetoric, and digital humanities, his research leverages technology and innovative pedagogy to create meaningful connections between academic and public communities.

Friday, July 1st
Diana Ceballos – Boston University
Wikipedia in Public Health
Dr. Diana Ceballos is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Exposure Biology Research Laboratory in the Department of Environmental Health at the Boston University School of Public Health. She is an exposure science expert and certified industrial hygienist, worked at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, and was a Harvard JPB Environmental Health fellow.


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