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This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.03.14)

Drexel University Week on The Academic Minute 2022.03.14

Monday, March 14th

Rogelio Miñana, professor of Spanish and global studies, explores how we can foster partnerships in a post-pandemic world.

Tuesday, March 15th

Kara Spiller, associate professor in the school of biomedical engineering, science and health systems, looks into how we can harness the body’s immune system to help with healing.

Wednesday, March 16th

Jordan Hyatt, associate professor of criminology and justice studies, discusses what we can learn from another country in prison reform.

Thursday, March 17th

Sharrelle Barber, assistant professor of epidemiology, discusses Ubuntu, a human-center approach to advancing antiracism and population health equity.

Friday, March 18th

Franco Montalto, professor in the department of civil, architectural, and environmental engineering, looks into finding ways to mitigate climate change issues through educational practices.


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