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This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.01.24)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2022.01.24

Monday, January 24th

Peter F. Cannavo, professor and chair of government at Hamilton College, discusses migration in the face of climate change.

Tuesday, January 25th

Timothy Waters, professor of law at Indiana University Bloomington, examines secession with America currently polarized and whether it could be a good thing.

Wednesday, January 26th

C. Michael White, distinguished professor and chair of pharmacy practice at the University of Connecticut, discusses a form of treatment for PTSD that is gaining steam with positive results.

Thursday, January 27th

Cynthia Maupin, assistant professor of organizational behavior and leadership at Binghamton University, explains which traits are most sought after when forming new teams in the workplace.

Friday, January 28th

Carrie Baker, professor in the program for the study of women and gender at Smith College, outlines the hurdles public university students face when attempting to obtain abortion access in Massachusetts.


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