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The Academic Minute for 2021.11.15-2021.11.19

The Academic Minute from 11.15 – 11.19

Monday, November 15th
Karla Vermeulen SUNY New Paltz
The Post 9/11 Generation’s Safety Perceptions
Karla Vermeulen is an Associate Professor of Psychology and the Deputy Director of the Institute for Disaster Mental Health at the State University of New York at New Paltz. She is the author of three books, most recently Generation Disaster: Coming of Age Post-9/11 from Oxford University Press.

Tuesday, November 16th
Art Markman – University of Texas at Austin
Coherence, Belief Change, and Convincing Other People
Art Markman is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing and Vice Provost of Continuing and Professional Education and New Education Ventures at the University of Texas at Austin. He has written over 150 papers on topics including reasoning, decision making, and motivation. He brings insights from cognitive science to a broader audience through his blogs at Psychology Today and Fast Company and his radio show/podcast Two Guys on Your Head. Art is the author of several books including Smart Thinking, Smart Change, Brain Briefs, and Bring Your Brain to Work.

Wednesday, November 17th
Alexis Redding – Harvard University
From College to Career: A Mentorship Model for Student Success
Dr. Alexis Redding is the Faculty Co-Chair of Higher Education & a lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is an expert in the college experience and teaches graduate courses in college student development, student affairs, and ethnography. In addition to her research and teaching, she has mentored students in both the United States and Europe for more than two decades.

Thursday, November 18th
Farah Shamout – NYU Abu Dhabi
Artificial Intelligence for the Detection of Deterioration Among COVID-19 Patients
Farah Shamout is an Assistant Professor Emerging Scholar in Computer Engineering at NYU Abu Dhabi, where she leads the Clinical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Her research expertise is in data science and machine learning for healthcare, data analytics for large-scale multi-modal data, and model interpretability. Her projects focus on real-world clinical problems to inform decision-making, including patient prognosis and diagnosis using electronic health records and medical imaging. Prior to joining NYU Abu Dhabi, Farah completed her doctoral studies (DPhil) in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford on the Rhodes Scholarship.

Friday, November 19th
Michael C. White – University of Connecticut
Inflammation Can Change Your Drugs Impact on Your Body
Michael White, Pharm.D. is a Distinguished Professor and Chair at the UConn School of Pharmacy. His research interests are in drug, dietary supplement, and substances of abuse safety and effectiveness. His over 400 publications in biomedical journals have been cited over 14,000 times and covered by major media television, radio, newspaper, and internet sites. He has received national awards from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.


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