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This Week on The Academic Minute (2021.10.18)

University of California, Irvine Week on The Academic Minute 2021.10.18

Monday, October 18th

Shane Coffield, PhD Candidate in Earth System Science, explores what to do going forward in the flight against climate change.

Tuesday, October 19th

Amal Alachkar, associate professor of teaching and pharmaceutical sciences, examines ways to help mitigate the fallout from trauma suffered during war.

Wednesday, October 20th

Brittany Morey, assistant professor of health, society and behavior, explores why immigrants can thrive with a strong support network.

Thursday, October 21st

Joel Milam, professor of epidemiology, examines why lifeline follow up care is critical for young cancer survivors.

Friday, October 22nd

Jean Ho, postdoctoral scholar, says warding off high blood pressure now could pay off later in life.


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