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Daniel Pascoe Aguilar

Daniel Pascoe Aguilar

Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Excelsior College

Daniel Pascoe Aguilar, PhD, MDiv, is passionate about problem solving and collaborating with students, alumnx, the university community, and community organizations on meaningful partnerships and innovative strategies for the development of a diverse, purpose-driven, interculturally developed, and systemic-challenge-ready next generation of leaders for our joint capacity to create a better reality. Currently, Daniel is Excelsior College’s CDO & founding director of the Center for Social Justice, where he is developing a JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) agenda based on a systemic approach to DEI and Social Justice organizational development that includes 10 comprehensive engagement and impact areas and maturity modeling to monitor and report on progress.

Right before this role, Daniel served as associate provost for immersive learning and career design at Drew University in the New York City larger metropolitan area, where he led Launch, a comprehensive, equitable approach to undergraduate education designed to facilitate all Drew University students’ identification of their purpose, their preparation for their careers, and their contribution to their communities and/or the world. Launch is powered by 7 integrated high impact practices: 1) a required Launch introduction course; 2) all students’ creation and development of a Launch Plan ePortfolio; 3) multiple, guaranteed Immersive Experiences as part of the curriculum; 4) students’ development and articulation of Transferable Skills; 5) the support of an academic, personal and career Network of Mentors; 6) 10 Career Community and 8 Identity/Affinity Community opportunity, network, resource and support hubs; and 7) 7 integrated systems in a dynamic, individualized Launch platform (

Prior to his tenure at Drew, Daniel served as executive director of Career Services at Ithaca College, director of the University of Oregon Career Center, director of Career Services at Seattle University, director of alumnx career services and associate director of employer relations at the University of North Texas, senior associate director and chair of career courses at Indiana University, director of the crisis center for homeless families of the SF County, and minister in diverse religious organizations in México and the US.

For the last 12 years, Daniel has offered consulting services to universities, their career centers, and community organizations, as well as speaking and training opportunities on the preparation of the next generation of leaders and the enhancement of the diversity, equity and inclusion of our work. He has also been a song writer, a classical pop and oratorio/opera singer, and a recording artist throughout his life, including the publication of 10 albums. He has completed 3 graduate degrees in the US: a PhD in Educational Systems from IU, a Master of Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary, and an MS in Education from IU, as well as a BA in Industrial Design from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in México.

In 2014, Daniel received the UO Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award. Throughout the last few years, he has had the opportunity to serve as co-chair of the global Future Talent Council D&I Board, faculty of the Career Services Institute, co-chair of the DU Committee on Reimagining Undergraduate Education, and chair of the IC Experiential Learning Alliance, the UO and IC Student Employment Enhancement initiatives, the UO Division of Student Life Multicultural Competence Organizational Development effort, the UOAdvantage Design Team, and the UO International Student Career Alliance. He is also a current member of the NACE Strategic Positioning Taskforce.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational leadership, systems theory, and systemic change in education
  • Intercultural and identity development, and multicultural organizational development
  • Career-development theory/data/practice-informed curriculum, instruction and collaborations
  • Instructional analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation