2023 North Carolina PKAL Regional Network Spring Meeting

Pathways Not Gateways: Reimagining STEM Courses to Promote Inclusion, STEM Literacy, and Student Success

Virtual Conference

Call For Proposals

STEM faculty members and administrators from both public and private 2-year and 4-year higher education institutions are invited to submit proposals for the 2023 NC PKAL Regional Network Virtual Meeting: Pathways Not Gateways: Reimagining STEM Courses to Promote Inclusion, STEM Literacy, and Student Success.

  • Proposal submission window : January 13 through February 10, 2023
    • Notification of Acceptances: February 27, 2023

    • Deadline to upload Posters / Lightning Talk Slides: March 28

  • Registration window: February 07 until March 22

  • Regional Virtual Meeting Date: March 31.

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Proposal Criteria Overview

One of the many lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that we need a STEM-literate society. This need mandates providing opportunities for all students to engage in STEM topics without barriers. The goal of this meeting is to reimagine STEM courses for both majors and non-majors to promote student success. Relevant topics include the following:

(1) equity, inclusion, and retention efforts

(2) evidence-based and student-centered teaching

(3) addressing pandemic-related gaps

(4) basic statistics, data science, and coding

(5) scientific and mathematical literacy

We encourage presentation proposals for our 2023 NC PKAL meeting to connect with our primary theme of reimagining STEM courses. However, we also welcome related proposals that extend beyond the classroom that connect inclusion and student success to any aspect of STEM in higher education. While we encourage data driven abstracts (qualitative and quantitative), we also recognize that COVID-19 has restricted research opportunities. Thus, we will also consider abstracts that focus on philosophical questions, theory advancement, evaluation and development of measures, reviews, and secondary data analysis as long as they offer unique contributions to research and practice relative to innovation in STEM introductory courses, diversity and inclusion, STEM literacy, and student success efforts in STEM higher education.

When submitting, you can select your preference of two presentation styles*:

  • Lightning talks
    • 10 minutes in length to share a quick, insightful, and engaging idea, data, intervention, or activity. Speakers may use up to 10 slides, which must be provided by March 28th.

    • We encourage all types of presentations; however, presentations that demonstrate evidence for efficacy in the abstract will be more favorably considered for this type of presentation.

  • Poster
    • A single slide that summarizes your idea, data, intervention, or activity. Posters must be uploaded by March 28th.

    • Attendees will be able to view posters 48 hours prior to the conference; Remo breakout rooms will be used for poster discussions during the conference.

*Preference does not guarantee that your presentation will be assigned that style. Programming decisions will be made based on the alignment of the submitted abstracts with the conference theme.

Proposal submission:

If you would like to submit a proposal, please include the following information no later than February 10, 2023, using the monday.com form link.

  • Title of submission

  • Names and emails of author(s)

  • Abstract (no more than 300 words)

  • Corresponding author contact information (Institution name, email address, phone number)

  • Presentation format preference (lightning talk or poster)

  • Participant learning outcomes (100 word limit)

Host Institution

Elon University is a historic 656-acre campus in central North Carolina that is designated as a botanical garden and includes the 56-acre Elon University Forest, a land preserve and natural area for scientific research; and the Elon Environmental Center at Loy Farm, a center for environmental research and sustainability that includes a solar farm.

Conference Organizers

NC PKAL Steering Committee