High-Impact ePortfolio Practice: A Catalyst for Student, Faculty, and Institutional Learning

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 15:45

Published by Stylus in association with AAC&U, High-Impact ePortfolio Practice outlines how to deploy the ePortfolio as a high-impact practice and describes widely applicable models of effective ePortfolio pedagogy and implementation that demonstrably improve student learning across multiple settings. Authors Bret Eynon and Laura M. Gambino present a wealth of data and revealing case studies demonstrating that, when implemented with a purposeful framework, ePortfolios correlate strongly with increased retention and graduation rates, broadened student engagement in deep learning processes, and advanced faculty and institutional learning.

The core of the book presents a comprehensive research-based framework, along with practical examples and strategies for implementation, and identifies the key considerations that need to be addressed in the areas of pedagogy, professional development, outcomes assessment, technology, and scaling up. The publication identifies how the ePortfolio experience enhances other high-impact practices (HIPs) by creating unique opportunities for connection and synthesis across courses, semesters, and cocurricular experiences, thus enabling students to reflect on and construct a cohesive signature learning experience.

The book is available for purchase online.