Teaching, Learning, and Assessing in Remote Learning Environments

Join us for a conversation about teaching, assignments, learning, and assessment processes with an eye toward maintaining quality and equity in online environments.

April 3, 2020

Learning environments and campus structures underwent rapid adaptation. Plans for your spring and summer courses were upended. But human cognition and the essentials of how learning works haven't changed. As work continued to maintain quality amid rapid course redesign, many found opportunities to reflect on how the challenges faced may help illuminate equity issues that potentially led to improved student learning.

View this recording and see a webinar about teaching, assignments, learning, and assessment processes to maintain quality and equity in online environments.


  • Kate Drezek McConnell

    Assistant Vice President for Research and Assessment and Director of VALUE Institute, AAC&U
  • C. Edward Watson

    C. Edward Watson

    Associate Vice President for Quality, Pedagogy and States Initiatives Office of Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment and Chief Information Officer, AAC&U


  • Robert Maribe Branch

    Robert (Rob) Maribe Branch

    Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology & Associate Department Head of Career and Information Studies, University of Georgia
  • Tammie Lea Cumming

    Tammie Lea Cumming

    Associate Provost and Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York
  • Bethany Miller

    Bethan L. Miller

    Director of Institutional Research, Mary Baldwin University
  • Bonnie Orcutt

    Bonnie Orcutt

    Professor of Economics, Worcester State University