Webinar - The Evolving Contributions of Teaching Centers in Rewriting the Value Narrative of Education

March 19, 2019
Online, 2:00-3:00 p.m., ET

Teaching and learning centers are playing new roles at the heart of many initiatives aimed at transforming higher education’s promise and delivery of learning. This session will explore the shift of teaching and learning from the sidelines to a more central and transformative position in higher education. Major campus initiatives increasingly intersect with teaching and learning in areas such as diffusion of evidence-based learning strategies, educational inclusion and equity, increasing centrality and rewards for teaching excellence, and technology and pedagogical innovation. What do these evolving centers need to sustain a central role in creating and showcasing the value of education? How do center directors navigate cultural and organizational change to drive impact? In this webinar, directors of several (re)created centers will share effective tools for navigating this landscape of innovation and change in teaching and learning and its impact on the value perception of higher education.