Webinar - The Confounding Promise of “Community” in Divisive Times and Why It Matters More Than Ever for Student Success

June 14, 2019
Online, 2:00-3:00 p.m.


Community is at the heart of every institution in American higher education. It is uniquely embedded within mission statements under labels of citizenship, leadership, stewardship, and social entrepreneurship. Community is also at the root of a liberal education; the liberation of an individual’s mind is best achieved in learning from others, from locating oneself in a larger context, and through applying learning to real-world issues that affect local, national, and global communities. Though, in some ways the bedrock of American higher education, the meaning of “community” has been altered significantly within the current political, social, environmental, and technological climates. This demands new ways of thinking about how students experience community, how they seek purpose and belonging on and off campus, and how communities support students’ success. Connecting students’ community engagement with their success raises questions about how institutions can define community, create pathways for engagement, and communicate the essential nature of community-based practices for advancing inclusive excellence. This webinar takes on the meaning of community through varied lenses and institutional contexts, each advocating in their own way that the promise of equity for each student is a function of the learning gained from individual reflection and from collective understanding.AAC&U will post details soon.