Collaborative for Authentic Assessment and Learning (CAAL)

In an effort to develop and share best practices for conducting student assessment with the VALUE rubrics within and across adopting institutions, the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) proposed to develop the Collaborative for Authentic Assessment and Learning (CAAL). CAAL sought to understand the feasibility of evaluating student work in real educational contexts, and to foster the use of authentic assessment outcomes as a measure of educational program effectiveness in contexts like accreditation. As a pilot study, CAAL worked with five campuses during 2010 and 2011 to collect and score student work. During this process, AAC&U collected data on the logistics of scoring student work with the VALUE rubrics on topics including faculty recruitment, organizing campus scoring events, and collecting student work samples. The findings provided an overview of what campuses can expect when implementing campus-wide assessment practices, specifically related to using the VALUE rubrics. After the initial pilot year, funding for CAAL was not continued as AAC&U focused its efforts on the Multi-State Collaborative (MSC).

AAC&U acknowledges the generous support from the State Farm Companies Foundation.