Turning the Kaleidoscope Webinar Series

Turning the Kaleidoscope Webinar Series Schedule: TIDES


August 2020

WEBINAR I: Our Collective View

DATE: August 17, 2020

PRESENTER:  Dr. David Hall




Our Collective View features a riveting keynote address that was recently delivered by Dr. David Hall, President of the University of the Virgin Islands and noted expert on leadership and spirituality. In it, he masterfully weaves together the nature, context, challenges, and joys of our work in STEM higher education reform. President Hall’s call for us to find meaning and gratitude in our work not only unites us, but also gives us hope – especially now. We are confident that this address by President Hall, along with its stunning imagery, will give you a sense of being in community with us as you prepare for the incredible challenges and amazing triumphs that lie ahead for this semester. Indeed, we are all in this together!



September 2020

WEBINAR II: Our View Inward

PRESENTER: Dr. Adriana Medina

DATE: September 15, 2020 4:00PM - 5:15PM ET

Webinar Recording


Our View Inward features a highly interactive virtual session guided by Dr. Adriana Medina, a Personal Leadership facilitator. Dr. Medina has been a contributing scholar to the AAC&U TIDES Institute since its inception, helping to ground it in current social science research and operationalize it in stunning and provocative experiential exercises. For this session, participants will be introduced to several contemplative practices that can redress anti-inclusive STEM cultures – self-reflection, self-analysis, and self-acceptance. Through our own research and our work with hundreds of campuses over the past few years, we have found that mastery of these basic practices can give rise to significant broadening participation outcomes in STEM.



October 2020