Rx Racial Healing® Circles

What are Rx Racial Healing® Circles?

RxRacialHealingLogo-V3r5.pngAs the centerpiece of the TRHT Framework, Rx Racial Healing® Circles, are meant to ground the various elements of the TRHT methodology in a compassionate and expansive forum for sharing personal truth to help begin the process of transforming hearts and minds. The Rx Racial Healing® Circle methodology stresses active listening, being open to the perspectives and experiences of others, and is based on “building a national organizational network and activating local action to promote racial healing and racial equity.” 1

Rx Racial Healing® Circles are co-facilitated by two experienced racial healing practitioners.  Circles begin with an introductory exercise and are followed by a deep discussion prompt in which participants share stories in response to the prompt within an assigned dyad pair. Following the deep discussion prompt, the circle reconvenes, and participants are invited to share their stories with the whole group. The composition of circles and dyad pairs are planned in advance, to be as diverse as possible, including racial, age, gender, and geographic diversity for maximum healing.

After participating in an Rx Racial Healing® Circle co-facilitated by experienced practitioners, Institute participants will review the core elements of the racial healing process and gain experience designing and co-facilitating a simulated Rx Racial Healing® Circle.

1 Dr. Gail Christopher at July 18, 2018 Helsinki Commission Briefing.