Transforming Higher Education STEM Conference: Session Materials and Resources

AAC&U thanks the session facilitators and poster presenters for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. 

Keynote Address Materials

Keynote Address: Uncorking Curricular Bottlenecks to Student Success in STEM
Nathan KlingbeilWright State University

Discussions Materials

Discussions #4: Active Learning and Recitation Sessions Promote Student Success in Introductory STEM Courses
Rebecca Forrest, Shuo Chen, Donna Stokes, and Ann Cheek—University of Houston

Discussions #4: Systems Thinking, Cognitive Science and Faculty Change: A STEM Course Redesign Story
Susan Mattson—University of South Alabama
Presentation Handout

Discussions #23: Embedding a Learning Assistants Program in a Faculty Learning Community to Foster Student Success
Kadian Callahan, Scott Reese and Marla BellKennesaw State University

Discussions #29: Working with What Works Clearinghouse Standards to Evaluate Designs for Broadening Participation
Kate Winter—Kate Winter Evaluation, LLC; Eva Fernández, Sabrina Avila, Patrick Johnson, and Jennifer Valad—CUNY Queens College

Discussions #37: How Building Institutional Capacity Can Facilitate Inclusive Excellence in STEM
Lynne Lawson, Eliane Boucher, and Kathleen Cornely—Providence College

Ideation/Innovation Materials

Ideation/Innovation Session #11: Studying a Math Help Center Using Organizational Development and Change Theory
Deborah Moore-Russo, Christine Tinsley, and Noel Brady—University of Oklahoma

Ideation/Innovation Session #11: Quantitative Literacy as a Quality Enhancement Project (QEP)
Rachel Manspeaker—Coker College

Ideation/Innovation #12: Does Imagination Alter Reasoning? Dialogue on the Role of Imagination in Critical Thinking
Yousef Jalali and Christian MatheisVirginia Tech

Ideation/Innovation #18: Developing and Implementing STEM Standards for Educators
Katleen Gibson Dee, David Rosengrant, Karina Hensberry and Sandra Vernon-JacksonUniversity of South Florida St. Petersburg
Presentation Handout

Ideation/Innovation #21: Have Kids, Will Travel: Removing the Barrier of Parenthood for Female STEM Faculty Conference Participation
Pamela Leggett-Robinson—PLR Consulting Services; Brandi Villa—Belay Consulting


Poster #62:San Jose State University Engineering Corporate Programs
Afifa Hamad—San Jose State University

Poster #64: Changing Faculty Practice: Promoting the Scholarship of Teaching with Faculty Mentoring Networks
Jeremy Wojdak—Radford University; Sam Donovan—University of Pittsburgh; Carrie Eaton—Unity College; Kristin Jenkins—BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium; Drew Lamar—College of William and Mary

Poster #69: Preventing the Sophomore-Slump: Strategies for Keeping Biology Majors on Track in Their Second Year
Lisa Oakes and Paulina Cano—St. Mary's University

Poster #73:Making Smart Students Great Students through Metacognitive Strategy Development
Donald Pearl—Georgia Institute of Technology

Workshop Materials

Workshop #7: An Integrated Introduction Increases Interdisciplinarity and Research Preparation in STEM Majors
Barbara Kramer and Tim Walston—Truman State University

Workshop #14: Infusing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEM Professional Development
Kim Costino—California State University San Bernardino; Kirsty Fleming—California State University Long Beach; Qiana Wallace—California College Guidance Initiative 

Workshop #15: Institutionalize a Scaled-Up STEM Talent Expansion Program (STEP) in Engineering Cohort Program
Edmund Tsang and Anetra Grice—Western Michigan University
Presentation Handout

Workshop #37:So You Built an Active Learning Space: Now What? – The Active Learning in Engineering Program
Samantha Shields and Sunay Palsole—Texas A&M University
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