Transforming Higher Education STEM Conference: Session Materials and Resources

AAC&U thanks the session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. 

Workshop 4: Achieving Gender Diversity in Engineering 
Joseph J. Helble
, Dean and Professor of Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering and Vicki V. May, Professor of Engineering—both of Dartmouth University

CS 9: Creating a Culture of Equity-Minded Evidence-Based Teaching through Faculty Professional Development
Kirsten Fleming
, Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Kimberly Costino, Faculty Director, Quarter to Semester Conversion—both of California State University, San Bernardino 

CS 17: Innovations with Engaged Digital Learning:  Improving STEM Retention and Graduation with an Online Community of Practice
Lisa Elliot
, Research Associate Professor—Rochester Institute of Technology

CS 18: Bring Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) Closer to Home: Establishing a Regional Network to Support Faculty and Institutional Change 
Thomas Kling
, Professor of Physics—Bridgewater State University; Monica Joslin, Dean of Academic Affairs—Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts; and Margaret Carroll, Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—Framingham State University 

CS 28: In the Fishbowl: Strategies for Conversations on Mathematics in the Partner Disciplines

Suzanne Dorée, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics and Stella Hofrenning, Associate Professor of Economics—both of Augsburg University; and Rosalyn Hargraves, Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning—Virginia Commonwealth University

CS 29: Preparing STEM Students for 21st Century Careers
Beth Cunningham
, Executive Officer—American Association of Physics Teachers; Cynthia Bauerle, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and Professor of Biology—James Madison University; and Sharon Gusky, Professor of Biology and PULSE Fellow—Northwestern Connecticut Community College

CS 33: Experiential Learning and Evidence-Based Teaching: Powerful Tools in Assessing STEM Competencies 
Shubha Ireland
, Professor of Biology and P.D. HHMI supported Project Scicomp—Xavier University of Louisiana

CS 34: Using Writing Support and Assessment to Scaffold Quantitative Reasoning Communication 
Christelle Sabatie
r, Lecturer of Biology and Tracy Ruscetti, Lecturer of Biology—both of Santa Clara University

Closing Plenary: STEM Education: The Road Ahead
Kumar Garg
, Senior Fellow, Society for Science and the Public and Former Assistant Director for Learning and Innovation—White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

POSTER 7: Building Excellence in Science and Teaching (BEST)
Shari Bemis
, Assistant Dean, Associate Professor and Karen Stanish, Assistant Professor of Mathematics—both of Keene State College

POSTER 11: Radically Transforming Mathematics Learning Experiences for All Students: Lessons from the Carnegie Math Pathways 
Handout 1
Handout 2
2015-2015 Impact Report: A Five Year Review
Pathways Post-Participation Outcomes: Preliminary Findings 

Jamylle Carter, Professor of Mathematics—Diablo Valley College; and Rachel Mudge, Professor— Foothill College and Carnegie National Faculty

POSTER 16: Fostering Effective Pedagogical Change: Findings from a Certificate Program for STEM Faculty 
Linda Hodges
, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Director, Faculty Development Center and Kerrie Kephart, Associate Director for Pedagogical Innovation, Research, and Assessment, Faculty Development Center—both of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

POSTER 17: Faculty-Driven, Student-Centered Change for Increased Success of ALL STEM Students 
Jenny McFarland
, Biology Faculty—Edmonds Community College

POSTER 23: Large-Scale Change Across Science Departments: Embedded Expertise in Evidence-Based Teaching 
Sarah Gilbert
, Associate Director—University of British Columbia 

Poster 24 A: How Early Research Experiences Contribute to Student Success: The Mediating Effect of Community-Building 
Silvana McCormick
, Executive Director—Redwood Consulting Collective 

POSTER 32: Mentoring and Community Involvement within an Integrated Sciences First Year Program 
Christina Cianfrani
, Associate Professor of Hydrology—Hampshire College

POSTER 33: Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation: Deepening Understanding of Science and Improving STEM Student Retention
Ray Klump
, Professor and Chair of Computer and Mathematical Sciences—Lewis University 

POSTER 45: Characterizing Scientific Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas in Science Assessments and Instruction
Becky Matz
, Assistant Professor—Michigan State University

POSTER 49: Chemistry for the Modern Age: Focusing Curriculum Redesign on Blended Learning
Douglas Mulford
, Senior Lecturer and Filipp Frank, Post Doctoral Fellow—both of Emory University

POSTER 63: Transforming Engineering Culture to Advance Inclusion and Diversity
Gretalyn Leibnitz
, Co-Principal Investigator and Project Director for Transforming Engineering Culture to Advance Inclusion and Diversity Project—Women in Engineering ProActive Network

POSTER 69: A Better Way to Assess Lab Notebooks: There's an App for That!
Anne Ryter
, Professor of Chemistry and Dale Orth, Professor of Chemistry—both of Western State Colorado University

POSTER 75: Developing a Shared Vision for STEM General Education Reform at a Liberal Arts College  Jacqueline Roberts, Professor of Biochemistry and Pamela Propsom, Professor of Psychology—both of DePauw University