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UNLV's Vertically Integrated General Education Model

Authors: David James, Carl Reiber, Jennifer Fabbi & Chris Heavey

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas has adopted five university-wide undergraduate learning outcomes and a set of vertically integrated general education requirements to achieve these outcomes. The vertically integrated requirements include four sequenced experiences: a first-year seminar, a second-year seminar, a milestone experience and a culminating experience. The second-year seminar is a reading and writing intensive course reinforcing the university undergraduate learning outcomes. The milestone course bridges general education and the major, further reinforcing the university-wide learning outcomes and orienting students to the learning outcomes for their major. The culminating experience gives students the opportunity to integrate and demonstrate their attainment of all of the learning outcomes within a major context. The general education requirements also include six credits of English composition, three credits of mathematics, US and Nevada Constitutions, and six distribution courses in two different areas. Our model and learning outcomes are explained at: