Cultural Competency Resources: Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM (TIDES)

TIDES Institutes & Workshops

The following are resources presented and made available as part of the TIDES Institutes and Workshops, which were held throughout 2014-2017 for participating institutions.

Rejecting Culture-Blindness: Toward Cultural Competence in Undergraduate STEM Teaching
Dr. Dorinda Carter Andrews, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Michigan State University

A New Path: Mindfully Building Compassionate Communities in STEM (Part 1)
Embodied Movement: Practicing Intersectionality (Part 2)
Stephanie Briggs, Owner, Be.Still.Move.; Assistant Professor of English, Community College of Baltimore County

Incorporating a Global Perspective in STEM Education through Interdisciplinary Projects
Dr. Erika T. Camacho, MIT MLK Visiting Professor, Arizona State University

Integrating Project Learning, Community Discussion, and Program Evaluation to Inform the Nation
Dr. Melvin E. Hall, Professor of Educational Psychology, Northern Arizona University

Culture, Pedagogy, and School Learning
Dr. Etta Hollins, Kauffman Endowered Chair for Urban Teacher Education, University of Missouri, Kansas City

Creating an Inclusion and Diversity BREAKTHROUGH
Dr. Judith H. Katz, Executive Vice President, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.

The Wright State Model for Engineering Mathematics Education: Uncorking the Bottleneck for Student Success
Dr. Nathan W. Klingbeil, Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Wright State University

Mindbugs: Implicit Predictors of STEM Engagement
Dr. Brian Nosek, Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia

Building Effective Collaborations
Dr. Tom Wolff, Tom Wolff & Associates

Participating Institutions

The following are resources created and implemented by TIDES participating institutions as part of their respective grant-funded projects. Additional resources will be added as they become available.

Bryn Mawr College (PA)
California State University, Northridge (CA)
CSUN TIDES Project Website
Culturally Sensitive Programming Course Modules
Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ)
Fayetteville State University (NC)
Howard University (DC)
Lawrence Tech University (MI)
Montgomery College (MD)
Montgomery College TIDES Project Website
Morgan State University (MD)
Salish Kootenai College (MT)
Smith College (MA)
University of Dayton (OH)
University of Puerto Rico-Humacao (PR)
Westminster College (UT)
Westminster College TIDES Project Website
Wright State University (OH)

Cultural Competency

A number of organizations offer guidelines and recommendations on the topic of cultural competency to their respective constituencies. While adapted for particular professions or disciplines, the following examples are general enough in nature as to provide TIDES applicants an introduction to and broad overview of cultural competency concepts, research, and literature.

Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice and Organizational Change for Psychologists
American Psychological Association. 2002.

Cross-Cultural Competencies and Objectives
American Counseling Association. 1991.

Navigating the Bumpy Road to Student-Centered Instruction
Richard M. Felder, North Carolina State University
Rebecca Brent, East Carolina University

"What if students revolt?"—Considering Student Resistance: Origins, Options, and Opportunities for Investigation
Shannon B. Seidel and Kimberly D. Tanner, San Francisco State University