PKAL SLI Application Guidelines

Application Deadline: March 15, 2019     

The formal application guidelines are provided below. 

Early- to mid-career STEM faculty, Principal Investigators who lead undergraduate STEM reform initiatives, and administrators with STEM disciplinary expertise are eligible to apply. Individuals from community colleges, minority serving institutions, and/or historically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Form and Required Materials
All applications must be completed using the online application form. The application form will allow applicants to upload their required set of materials at the time of submission. Because the online application form times out after 60 minutes, applicants are strongly encouraged to periodically save their work. The application materials must be submitted as a single PDF document using the Required Filename Format* (see below) and contain the following materials in the order indicated below:

  1. Leadership Statement (no more than two pages) that describes the applicant’s philosophy of leadership and how the Institute will empower them to effectively lead either an ongoing or new undergraduate STEM reform initiative on their campus or at the national level.
  2. Most recent CV (no more than 4 pages).
  3. Letter of Reference from a senior colleague that addresses the applicant’s promise as a leader in STEM education at the local, regional and/or national level.
  4. Letter of Commitment from an administrator (preferably Dean or above) in support of the applicant’s efforts in implementing a campus- or nationally-based project for undergraduate STEM reform.

*The require filename format for submission of Institute applications is as follows: Applicant Last Name_Applicant First Name_PKALSLI2019

ALL APPLICANTS must upload their applications materials in PDF format after submitting their application by clicking on "Upload File" under "Applicants" on the main page of the application portal.  

Selection Criteria
The institute is designed for early- and mid-career STEM faculty, principal investigators who lead undergraduate STEM reform initiatives, and administrators (with STEM disciplinary expertise) who lead academic STEM units. Both  tenure-track and tenured faculty, as well as non-tenure track, adjunct, or fixed-term faculty are eligible to apply. Individuals from community colleges, minority serving institutions, and historically underrepresented groups are strongly  encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be chosen based on the following criteria

1. Potential for leadership development as evidenced by:

  • Interest in and commitment to the success of all students in STEM fields
  • Prior efforts to reform undergraduate STEM education
  • Potential for the applicant’s leadership of a campus or national STEM reform initiative to result in systemic and sustainable change​

2. Clarity of leadership philosophy as indicated by:

  • Relevance of the Institute to the applicant’s personal vision and goals as a leader and/or agent of change
  • Alignment of personal purpose and values with beliefs about leadership, particularly in the STEM higher education community
  • Details related to specific skills expected to be gained as a result of Institute participation
  • Plans for assessing the overall benefits of Institute participation

3. ​Appropriate years of service and rank:

  • Two or more years as a STEM faculty member

4. Commitment from campus administrator (preferably Dean or above) to support the participant in their leadership development after the Institute as evidenced by:

  • Proposed schedule of strategic and regular follow-up meetings
  • Support for the contribution of candidate’s leadership development to a broader campus goal or initiative
  • Allocation of appropriate funding (where applicable) to implement an ongoing or new campus STEM reform initiative
  • Plans for public recognition of applicant’s participation in the Institute

Applicants should pay careful attention to ensuring that application materials thoroughly address all of the areas outlined in the Selection Criteria (as appropriate), are void of spelling and grammatical errors, and are presented with a writing style that is easy to read and understand.

Application Checklist
Completed applications must contain the following:

  1. Completed Online Submission Form 
  2. Upload of application materials PDF
    • As a single pdf: Leadership Statement, most recent CV, Letter of Reference, Letter of Commitment
    • Appropriate use of required PDF filename format: Applicant Last Name_Applicant First Name_PKALSLI2019

All applications will be reviewed for overall completeness and quality. Incomplete or non-compliant applications will be returned to the applicant without review. Once submitted, changes may be made to applications until the posted application deadline.

Notification of Acceptance
Early bird deadline applicants will be notified of their acceptances on or before March 1. Regular deadline applicants will be notified of their acceptance on or before May 1, 2019. After this date, questions or concerns about application status can be forwarded to:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact