STIRS Scholars

Thirteen STIRS Scholars have developed STIRS case studies that draw national attention to evidence-based reasoning and decision making as critical, multifaceted, cross-cutting capacities to be practiced by all undergraduate students in all degree programs.

Justin Armstrong
Visiting Lecturer, Writing Program (Anthropology)
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA

Case study: Different Times of the Month: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Menstruation Taboos

Angela Bauer
Professor and Chair of Biology
High Point University
High Point, NC

Case study: The Two-Sex System: Fact or Fallacy?

Lynn Burley
Associate Professor of Linguistics, Department of Writing
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR

Case study: Should English Be the Official Language of the United States?

Loren B. Byrne
Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science
Coordinator, Sustainability Studies Program
Roger Williams University
Bristol, Rhode Island

Case study: Exploring Lawns and Gardens as Complex Socio-Ecological Systems

Tami S. Carmichael
Director and Associate Professor, Humanities and Integrated Studies
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND

Case study: People, Places, and Pipelines: Debating Tar Sands Oil Transmission

Jill Manske
Professor of Biology
University of Saint Thomas
Saint Paul, MN

Case study: The (Ferret) Sneeze Heard Around the World: The Case of the Bioengineered Bird Flu

Sal Meyers
Professor of Psychology
Simpson College
Indianola, IA

Case study: Rising to the Challenge: Examining the Effects of a Growth Mindset

Karen Singer-Freeman
Associate Professor of Psychology
Purchase College, SUNY
Purchase, NY

Case study: MMR Vaccine and Autism: Scientific Inquiry, Ethics, and Evidence-Based Problem Solving

Vandana Singh
Assistant Professor of Physics
Framingham State University
Framingham, MA

Case study: To Drill or Not to Drill? A Dilemma in the Context of Climate Change in the Arctic

Jennifer Stanford
Assistant Professor of Biology
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

Case study: Cell Phones and Cancer: Evaluating the Evidence to Assess Potential Correlation

Katie B. Wilson
Instructor, Social Sciences
Stella and Charles Guttman Community College, CUNY
New York, NY

Case study: Trends in Immigrant Adolescent Health in New York City: "Becoming an American Can Be Bad for Your Health"

Adele J. Wolfson
Professor of Chemistry
Wellesley College
Wellesley, MA

Case study: Blood Doping: Cheating, or Leveling the Playing Field?

Ryan Zerr
Professor and Associate Chair, Mathematics
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND

Case study: Congressional Apportionment: Constitutional Questions, Data, and the First Presidential Veto