Session Materials and Resources: Diversity, Learning, and Student Success 2014

AAC&U thanks the conference session facilitators for sharing their work.  Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. 

Poster 10: Advancing Engaged Learning Practices through Institutional Partnerships (pdf)
Kelley W. Grorud, Associate Academic Dean for Teaching and Learning, and Kristine Mickelson, Dean for the School of Integrated Studies—both of Edgewood College

Poster 11: Undocumented Students: Creating an Inclusive Campus Environment (pdf)
Suzanna Klaf, Associate Director, Center for Academic Excellence—Fairfield University

Poster 22: Adding Value to the Student Work-Study Experience: a Cocurricular Approach (pdf)
Handout (pdf)
Amanda Melilli, Head, Curriculum Materials Library, and Rosan Mitola, Outreach Librarian—both of University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Poster 26: Braiding Diversity Ideologies for Institutional Change (pdf)
Megan Pamela Ruth Madison, PhD Student—Brandeis University

CS 2: What Students Say Faculty Can Do to Help Them Succeed (pdf of slides)
Session Materials (pdf)
Student Support (Re) Defined website:
Debra David, Project Director, Give Students a Compass—California State University System Office; Darla Cooper, Director of Research and Evaluation—The RP Group; and Julie Stein, Faculty, Business and Communication—Las Positas College and California State University–East Bay

CS 3: Data to Action: Cross-Campus Collaboration to Increase Freshman Retention through Direct Intervention (pdf)
Mirela Blekic, Retention Associate, and Rowanna Carpenter, Director of Assessment and Upper-Division Clusters—both of Portland State University

CS 7: Paradigm Shifts in Thinking and Teaching to Reach the Full Range of Diversity and Privilege (ppt)
Heesoon Jun, Professor of Psychology—The Evergreen State College

CS 8: AAC&U Newcomers' Welcome and Introduction to LEAP (ppt)
Bethany Zecher Sutton, Chief of Staff and Coordinating Director of the LEAP Initiative—Association of American Colleges and Universities

CS 16: LGBTQ Student Success in Higher Education 
Handout (pdf) 
Rebecca Dolinsky, Program Manager and Research Analyst, and Heather McCambly, Program Associate—both of AAC&U

CS 20: HEDs UP: Preparing Teachers

Future Teacher Program: A Model for Student Success (pdf)
Marijuana Sawyer-Clardy, Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention Programs, Katy Heyning, Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies, and Ellyn Dickmann, Associate Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies—all of the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater

CS 22: Addressing Perspectives on Whiteness: Possibilities for Practice and Outcomes in the College Classroom (pdf)
Bibliography (pdf) 
Sherwood E. Smith, Director of the Center for Cultural Pluralism and Lecturer, Department of Leadership and Developmental Sciences, and Adriana Lara, Graduate Teaching Assistant—both of University of Vermont

CS 24: The Influence of Institutional Culture on Perceptions and Decisions about Diversity and Student Success (ppt)
Angela E. Quitadamo, Director of Retention, and Patricia Marshall, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs—both of Worcester State University

CS 25: Faculty and Diversity: Opportunity, Encouragement, and Inclusion (pdf)
Thomas F. Nelson Laird, Associate Professor of Higher Education, Allison M. BrckaLorenz, Research Analyst and FSSE Project Manager, and Leah Peck, FSSE Project Associate—all of Indiana University Bloomington

CS 29: Unique Yet Common: A Documentary and Discussion of 21st-Century Student Challenges (pdf)
Katherine Valle, Research Analyst—both of Institute for Higher Education Policy

CS 33: Redefining "At-Risk" through Predictive Analytics: A Targeted Approach to Enhancing Student Success (pdf)
Amilcah Gomes, Assistant Director, Academic Services Center—Eastern Connecticut State University

CS 34: How "HIP" is Your First-Year Seminar? National Research and Trends (ppt)
Jennifer R. Keup, Director, National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition and Tracy Skipper, Assistant Director for Publications, National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition—both of University of South Carolina–Columbia

CS 39: HEDs UP: Student Success at the System Level

Consolidation and Completion: The Perfect Combination for Student Learning and Success (ppt)
Janet L. Marling, Executive Director, National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students, and Sheila Caldwell, Director, Complete College Georgia—both of University of North Georgia

Preparing Underprepared Students for Success: A Collaborative Response to a Legislative Challenge (ppt)
James M. Gentile, Professor of English and Cochair, Connecticut Coalition of English Teachers, and Ken Klucznik, Professor of English and Cochair, Connecticut Coalition of English Teachers—both of Manchester Community College

CS 40: Desegregated Assessment: Infusing Diversity into the Assessment of Learning (ppt)
Eric Haas, Professor of Psychology—Scottsdale Community College