Session Materials and Resources


AAC&U thanks the presenters for sharing their work at this conference and the attendees for joining us and contributing to the conversation.  Resources and materials are provided here at the discretion of the presenters.

CS 2: ASPIRE: A Strategic Plan for Inclusion, Respect and Equity (pdf)
Dawn K. Lewis, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Jenelle S. Pitt, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education and Rehabilitation—both of California State University, Fresno; and Cynthia Teniente-Matson, President—Texas A&M University-San Antonio

CS 10: Working across Difference: Delivering Intercultural Competency as a Core Learning Outcome for All Undergraduates (Prezi)
Values Preference Activity (pdf)
Karl Lorenz, Director of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, and Mike White, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Faculty Affairs—both of University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

CS 14: Strengths-based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence in Action to Positively Impact Student Success (pdf)
Gloria Aquino Sosa, Assistant Professor, Counseling Department, Faculty Co-Director, High Potential Program, College Student Services Program Coordinator, and Tracy Pascua Dea, Director, Student Engagement and Academic Success and Co-Director, High Potential Program—both of Saint Mary's College of California

CS 16: Common Reading Programs as a High-Impact Practice: Going Beyond the Book (pdf)
Jennifer R. Keup, Director, National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in TransitionUniversity of South Carolina-Columbia

CS 22: High Octane HIPs: Student Success through Civic and Diversity Learning (pdf)
Heidi Barajas, Director of the Urban Research and Outreach Engagement Center—University of Minnesota; and Caryn McTighe Musil, Senior Scholar and Director of Civic Learning and Democracy Initiatives—AAC&U

CS 24: Changing the Culture: Using Professional Development to Promote Inclusion and Belonging (pdf)
Phil Sisson, Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Paula Pitcher, Vice President, Enrollment Management, Research and Planning, Max Hallsett, Academic Counselor, Karen James, Career Counselor, and Peter Shea, Director, Office of Professional Development—all of Middlesex Community College

CS 31: Implementing Diversity Recruiting Strategies: Lessons from a Small College (pdf of materials)
Ann Todd, Associate Director, Human Resources, and Shireen Campbell, Professor of English—both of Davidson College

CS 33: HEDs Up: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Practice
Designing Programs for Equitable and High Quality Learning for All Participants (pdf)
Charles Henry Roberts, Associate Professor of MathematicsMercer University
Recruiting, Preparing, Retaining and Supporting Culturally Compatible Educators (pdf)
Jean M. Haar, Dean of College of Education, Candace Raskin, Professor of Educational Leadership, and Robbie Burnett, Maverick Recruitment Coordinator for College of Education—all of Minnesota State University, Mankato

CS 34: HEDs Up: Learning Communities
Short and Long-term Benefits for Underrepresented Students Involved in First-year Residential Learning Communities 
Jennifer Maltby, Associate Director, Michigan Research Community, and Helen Kang Morgan, Assistant Professor, Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Medical Education and Director of the Health Science Scholars Program—both of University of Michigan

CS 37: Taking Action towards Equity: Using Practitioner-Led Data Analysis and Inquiry (pdf)
Debbie A. Hanson, Project Specialist, Center for Urban Education, and Estela Mara Bensimon, Professor of Higher Education and Co-director of the Center for Urban Education—both of The University of Southern California; Brenda J. Allen, Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity and InclusionUniversity of Colorado Denver; Lunden McDonald, Professor and Chair of the Department of Modern LanguagesMetropolitan State University of Denver; Libby Klingsmith, Director of the Student Success Center, and James Gray, Chair of the Math Department—both of Aurora Community College

CS 43: HEDs Up: Engaging Diversity through Theater and Storytelling
“We Are All Confused, Contradictory, and Beautiful Messes”: Engaging Identity and Difference through Storytelling, Performance, and Sustained Campus Dialogues (pdf)
Cecilia Lucero, Academic Advisor, Co-Director of Balfour-Hesburgh Scholars Program, and Edith Cho, Founder and Student Producer of Show Some Skin—University of Notre Dame
The Hidden Gem on Your Campus (pdf)
Nancy Kindelan, Associate Professor of TheatreNortheastern University