Session Materials: 2018 General Education and Assessment


AAC&U thanks the session facilitators for sharing their work. Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional materials will be posted over the next few weeks.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Plenary I: Reimagining General Education: Design Thinking and Intrinsic Motivation Perspectives
Richard K. Miller—Olin College

CS 2: Preparing Future Educators to Advance Equity, Justice, and Democracy: A Multi-University Approach 
James Wolfinger, Barbara Rieckhoff, and Melissa Ockerman—all of DePaul University

CS 3: Innovative Assignments and Core CurriculumAssignments on the Road to Learning In All Spaces
Natasha Jankowski, Gianina Baker, Maggie Braun—both of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Presentation (PDF)

CS 4: Integrative Learning Strategies: Improving Integration of Learning in Learning Communities Through the Development of a Shared Learning Space
Emily Richardson and Shawn Bowers—both of Queens University of Charlotte

CS 5: Assessing Student Writing Across Programs and Time: (Inter)Disciplinary and Programmatic Perspectives 
Ann Blakeslee and Doug Baker—both of Eastern Michigan University

CS 7: Integrating Assessment and Faculty Development to Lead Curricular Change​ 
Kathleen Harring, Sharon Albert, Kimberly Heiman, and Linda McGuire—all of Muhlenberg College
Presentation (PDF)

CS 8: An Assessment Palooza: Engaging Faculty in the Assessment Process
Susan C. Warner Taylor—Baldwin Wallace University

POSTER 7: Instituting and Assessing the Impact of Team-Based Learning in a General Education Anthropology Course
Philip Carr and Cecelia Martin—both of the University of South Alabama

Poster 10: Aligning Multiple Surveys to Maximize Assessment: Cross-Sectional Analyses of Learning Outcomes
Michelle Dominguez, Lindsay Couzens, and Laurel Pritchard—all of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas

POSTER 12: Assessing Teamwork Using Student Self-Reflections: Evolution of a Locally Developed Instrument
Brandi Jones and Jeff Roberts—both of Sam Houston State University

POSTER 16: Transformational Tuning: Building Competencies and Context into Assignments 
Lori Albrizio—Broward College

Friday, February 16, 2018

Plenary II: Grassroots Innovations in Assessment: Faculty Leadership in Connecting Student Learning Outcomes Across General Education and the Majors
Claire Howell Major—The University of Alabama
Plenary Handout

Plenary III: Hallmarks of Assessment Innovation: Flipping the Conversation about General Education and Assessment
José Moreno—California State University, Long Beach

CS 11: Project-Based Designs for Civic Engagement and Learning: Developing Engaged Citizens Through the First-Year, Interdisciplinary Seminar
Peter Gess, Jay Barth, and Todd Tinsley—all of Hendrix College

CS 12: Lessons Learned from Using the VALUE Rubrics for Course-Embedded Departmental Assessment
Melissa Schen, Michelle Johnson, and Rohini Singh—all of The College of Wooster

CS 13: Collecting and Using Data to Design General Education​: Exploring the Potential of a National General Education Curriculum Database 
Thomas Nelson Laird and Jihye Kwon—both of Indiana University Bloomington 
Presentation (PDF)

CS 13: Collecting and Using Data to Design General Education​: Using Campus Institutional Research to Identify Appropriate Students as Sources of Data in General Education Assessment
Mary Eicholtz—Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Presentation (PDF)

CS 26 Lessons Learned from the Multi-State Collaborative 
Erin Horan and Kate McConnell—both of AAC&U

CS 27: Developing Structures and Processes to Integrate General Education, Majors, and the Co-Curriculum
Robert Flaherty, Steven Jones, Earl Brewster, and Matthew Horner—all of the United States Air Force Academy

CS 31: Composing Contexts: Engaging Faculty Expertise for Iterative Assessment
Fiona Glade—University of Baltimore and Nancy O'Neill—University System of Maryland

CS 33: Discerning Perceptions of General Education
Lynsey LeMay, Justin Horton, David Kleinman, and Corey Buttram—all of Thomas Nelson Community College
Presentation (PDF)
Handout 1
Handout 2


Saturday, February 17, 2018

CS 37: Integrating Critical Thinking to Produce Successful Student Civic Engagement Using the Critical Thinking Assessment Test
Kimberly Schmidl-Gagne—Keene State College; Elizabeth Lisic and Kevin Harris—both of Tennessee Tech University
Presentation (pdf)

CS 43: Crafting Learning Outcomes and Identifying Common Ground: Building Faculty Consensus
Cynthia Bair Van Dam, Jessica Waters, and Brad Knight—all of American University

CS 48: Approaches to Aligning Student Learning Outcomes Across Campus: Designing and Aligning: Synchronizing Goals and Assessment for a 3-D View of General Education
Tom Schrand and Valerie Hanson—both of Thomas Jefferson University 

CS 49: Engaging Faculty to Lead: Adaptable Models for Organizational Change
Caroline Geary, Joseph Foy, Kristin Plessel, and Kristi Wilkum—all of the University of Wisconsin Colleges