Session Materials: 2017 General Education and Assessment

Friday, February 24, 2017; 11:00 am – 12:00 pmAAC&U thanks the session facilitators for sharing their work. Resources and materials are provided at the discretion of the facilitators. Additional materials will be posted over the next few weeks.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Keynote Address: Using Design Thinking to Empower Learners and Learning
Helen Chen - Stanford University; and Lisa Grocott - Monash University (Australia)
Presentation (PDF)

CS 8: Collaborative Approaches to Design Thinking and Student Engagement
A Multi-Institution Student Engagement Program That Works 

Erin Yezbick- Baker College of Flint; and Tracy Wacker, and Roy Barnes - both of University of Michigan-Flint
Presentation (PDF)

Poster 7: Now That We Have Data...
Suzanne Waldenberger and Molly Beauchman - Yavapai College
Handout (PDF)

Poster 21: "Bettering Themselves, Their Environment, the World": Equity Minded General Education 
Jen Chotiner - Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles
Poster (PDF)
Handout (PDF)

Friday, February 24, 2017; 9:45 am – 10:45 am

CS 11: From Seminar to Large-Lecture: Transforming a Foundations Experience in General Education 
Neil Pagano and Suzanne Blum Malley - both of Columbia College Chicago
Presentation (PDF)

CS 18: Designing 21st Century Skills Credentials
Kathleen deLaski - Education Design Lab; Mike Schaub - Georgetown University; and Lewis Forrest - George Mason Unoiversity
Presentation (PDF)

CS 19: Overcoming the "Matthew Effect": Enabling Student Potential via Integrative Curricular Design
Arlene Wilner, Pamela Brown, Richard Zdan, and Jonathan Millen - all of Rider University
Presentation (PDF)

CS 25: Designing for and Engaging in Inquiry-Based Learning, Discovery, and Wicked Problems
Using VALUE Rubrics to Design an NEH-Funded General Education Course on Discovery
W.John Koolage and Darlene Leifson - both of Eastern Michigan University

CS 37: Interdisciplinary General Education
Rick Szostak - University of Alberta; Jennifer Dellner - Ocean County College; and Tami Carmichael - University of North Dakota
Presentation (PDF)


Saturday, February 25, 2017

CS 45: Institutional Learning Outcomes: From Paper to Practice
Jamii Claiborne, Julie Finnern, and Bradley Best—all of Buena Vista University
Handout 1 (pdf)
Handout 2 (pdf)
Handout 3 (pdf)
Handout 4 (pdf)

CS 46: Assessing Visual Literacy in Support of Curricular Change
Sarah Goodwin, Jeffrey Segrave, Katie Hauser, and Lisa Christenson - all of Skidmore College
Handout 1 (pdf)

CS 48: Integration of General Education and the Major: Mapping Integrative Learning
Sandra Bailey-Oregon Institute of Technology and David Marshall-California State University San Bernadino
Handout (pdf)
Resources (pdf)