Schedule at a Glance

Institute Goals and Action Plans

Teams attending the Institute will complete preparatory work to maximize their learning when they arrive at the kick-off event at the AAEEBL 2020 Annual Meeting. Each team will complete an implementation plan over the course of the initial convening. Teams will use their time together to discover new approaches and to create, strategize, and rehearse their plans. The Institute schedule at the AAEEBL 2020 Annual Meeting features:

  • daily team time to work on action plans;
  • individual team consultations with Institute faculty;
  • plenary sessions, facilitated discussions, and interactions with other campus teams; and
  • reflection and skill-building sessions

After the AAEEBL 2020 Annual Meeting, scheduled opportunities to re-connect virtually and at several meetings through the year (AAC&U ePortfolio Forum, NASPA Summer Conference, AAEEBL Annual Meeting) are also part of the schedule.

Institute Schedule

As this is a yearlong experience, beginning in July 2020, there are multiple opportunities for engagement, planning, and implementation.  They include the following

March 17, 2020

AAC&U webinar for more information and models of ePortfolio practice

July 20-23, 2020 AAEEBL Annual Meeting (Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, UT)

  • Monday, July 20 – Day 1 of the Institute
  • Tues-Thurs, July 21-23 – AAEEBL Annual Meeting Sessions/Individualized Consultations
  • Thursday, July 23, 1-5pm – Day 2 of the Institute

October and Early November 2020

  • Online meetings with Teams and Facilitators

January 2021, AAC&U Annual Meeting, ePortfolio Forum (Seattle, WA)

  • Friday Afternoon, January 22 – ½ day session
  • Saturday, January 23 – Forum Presentations by Teams
  • Saturday, January 23 - 4-8pm – Institute Wrap-Up

Spring 2021

  • Two online meetings with Teams and Facilitators

June/July 2021

  • Present projects at NASPA or AAEEBL 2021 Annual Meetings

July 2021

  • Online debrief projects with mentors and other teams