Diversity Equity and Inclusive Excellence Publications

 A Measure of Equity: Women's Progress in Higher Education

By: Judy Touchton, with Caryn McTighe Musil and Kathryn Peltier Campbell

A Measure of Equity: Women’s Progress in Higher Education presents the only current comprehensive overview of data on women’s status in higher education. It documents areas of progress and identifies needed action to move even further down the path towards equity for women in higher education. This publication details specific areas of concern and actions that would advance gender equity in colleges and universities. The research examines women’s access to college, areas of study in undergraduate and post-graduate work, and women’s status as faculty, administrators, and college presidents.

More Reasons for Hope: Diversity Matters in Higher Education

Honoring the late Edgar Beckham and his profound influence on higher education, More Reasons for Hope examines the trends in diversity education since an earlier AAC&U monograph published a decade ago called Reasons for Hope. The monograph features a major address by Edgar Beckham that identifies intellectual, structural, and political challenges that need to be addressed in the next generation of diversity work. It charts progress and setbacks and includes more than thirty current exemplary campus diversity programs, policies, and practices from across the country.

Diversity & Democracy, Fall 2008
Diversity & Democracy, Fall 2008

Socioeconomic class has dramatic effects on opportunity within and beyond college—yet it is a challenging topic of conversation for students and faculty alike. This issue of Diversity & Democracy provides some tools to guide difficult discussions about class in the hopes of creating more inclusive campuses and a more equitable world beyond.Read more

High-Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who Has Access to Them, and Why They Matter

This publication defines a set of educational practices that research has demonstrated have a significant impact on student success. Author George D. Kuh presents data from the National Survey of Student Engagement about these practices and explains why they benefit all students, but also seem to benefit underserved students even more than their more advantaged peers. The report also presents data that show definitively that underserved students are the least likely students, on average, to have access to these practices.

Diversity & Democracy, Spring 2008

The capacity for principled action in a diverse world is a core outcome of a successful liberal education—and one that often develops through community engagement. This issue of Diversity & Democracy explores the connections between civic learning and diverse communities, setting the framework for action that is ethical, imaginative, and inclusive.Read more

Diversity and Democracy, Winter 2008
Diversity & Democracy, Winter 2008

Religious Diversity challenges educators seeking to prepare students with intercultural skills for effectiveness in a pluralistic society. As students and faculty grapple with the roles that spirituality and belief play within and across disciplines, this issue of Diversity & Democracy opens the door for more rewarding conversations.Read more

Making a Real Difference with Diversity

This publication provides readers with a step-by-step guide for implementing, evaluating, and sustaining comprehensive diversity work on campus. The monograph offers a set of promising practices and selected quantitative and qualitative findings pertaining to efforts to enhance college access and success for underrepresented students, increase the presence of underrepresented minority faculty, and strengthen overall institutional functioning regarding diversity.

Diversity Works Package

These three books provide a wide scope of information about incorporating diversity into the curriculum, including a rationale for doing so, descriptions of programs, evidence about the effects on student learning, and specific recommendations.

Achieving Faculty Diversity: Debunking the Myths

The research study punctures some popularly held beliefs about methods for diversifying faculty and offers a complex picture of higher education's progress in this area. Composed of hard data and poignant voices of employed and unemployed doctoral recipients, this book provides important information for institutional planning, makes suggestions for insuring a more diverse faculty, and shows how institutions can be more proactive in helping doctoral students find suitable employment. 

Making Diversity Work on Campus: A Research-Based Perspective

The authors discuss recent empirical evidence, gathered on behalf of the University of Michigan Supreme Court defense, demonstrating the educational benefits of diverse learning environments. These are environments that must be intentionally planned and nurtured, where diversity is conceived of as a process toward better learning and not merely an outcome that one can check off a list. Included are numerous suggestions for how to engage diversity in the service of learning, ranging from recruiting a compositionally diverse student body, faculty, and staff to transforming curriculum, co-curriculum, and pedagogy to reflect and support goals for inclusion and excellence.

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Greater Expectations: A New Vision for Learning as a Nation Goes to College

This report of the Greater Expectations National Panel calls for a new focus on excellence to better prepare students for the 21st century world. The report recommends the creation of a New Academy characterized by high expectations, a focus on learning, commitment to demonstrated achievement, intentional practices, and an engaged, practical liberal education for all students.

About the Initiative

Greater Expectations, a major initiative of AAC&U from 2000-2006, articulated the aims and purposes of a twenty-first century liberal education, identified innovative models that improve campus practices and learning for all undergraduate students, and advocated for a comprehensive approach to reform. The work of the Greater Expectations initiative laid the foundation for AAC&U's current initiative Liberal Education and America's Promise.

The work was supported by The Pew Charitable Trusts, Carnegie Corporation of New...

Women of Color in the Academy Series

These papers explore what it means to be a woman and a minority in academe, describing the unique problems and biases these women face. Each paper also recommends resources to help institutions be more supportive.