Rep Checklist

As an AAC&U Representative (or Rep), you have been designated by your institution to serve as a direct liaison with AAC&U. This checklist will help you navigate all that AAC&U has to offer and ensure your institution makes the most of its AAC&U membership.

Download the checklist (pdf)

[okay] Build the AAC&U community on your campus. The #1 role of an AAC&U Representative is to share and promote AAC&U’s membership benefits with your colleagues. AAC&U’s publications, reports, projects, meetings, and conferences provide a wide range of opportunities for your campus to engage with AAC&U. We recommend that you routinely share AAC&U communications and resources with faculty, academic affairs, and student affairs colleagues who play key roles in your commitment to quality and equity in undergraduate education. These might include individuals involved in or leading work related to: general education; curriculum planning; assessment; student success; diversity, equity, and inclusion; teaching and learning centers; student advising; career services; community engagement; campus life; faculty development; and high-impact educational practices such as undergraduate research, community-based learning, global learning, writing across the curriculum, eportfolios, etc.
[okay] Encourage your colleagues to get involved! Individuals from member institutions can sign up to receive AAC&U communications directly by logging in and managing their subscriptions on our website. 
[okay] List AAC&U on your institution’s website as a resource for your campus community. Because your institution is an AAC&U member, everyone at your institution is welcome to take advantage of member benefits and resources. We hope you can share this information widely on your campus.
[okay] Check our website regularly to see what’s new! Learn about our signature initiatives and programs, gain access to publications and research, and check out our upcoming meetings.
[okay] Share campus news with the AAC&U community. As a free benefit for members, you can post your institution’s news, activities, and accomplishments to AAC&U News, which is distributed to more than 45,000 members of the AAC&U community. To learn more, visit
[okay] Keep your roster of AAC&U Representatives current. You can view your roster of AAC&U Representatives any time by clicking on “Member Institutions” at and clicking on the arrow to the left of your institution’s name.  If you notice that a listing is out of date, email us at to report the change.
[okay] As an AAC&U Representative, you get to enjoy some extra benefits. These include:
  • Subscriptions to our print periodicalsLiberal Education, Peer Review, and Diversity & Democracy—as well as our e-newsletter, AAC&U News. Pass them on to your colleagues when you’re finished reading them.
  • Extra discounts, in addition to the member discount, on our other publications are available at