Register for VALUE Institute Participation

Registration for the 2020-2021 VALUE Institute is now closed.


Pricing and Administration Summary:

Participants currently may select  from eight learning outcomes (VALUE rubrics) for their VALUE Institute assessment purpose. The eight learning outcomes can be found here.

You may choose to assess one learning outcome or multiple learning outcomes.  No matter your selection, a maximum of 100 artifacts can be assessed per learning outcome, and if appropriate a single artifact may be assessed for a maximum of two learning outcomes.

Basic Level fee: $6,000

Services included in the basic level fee:

•Selection of one learning outcome for the assessment of 100 artifacts;
•Sampling plan and student eligibility guidance;
•Submission guidance and file convention consultation with VALUE Institute staff, 
•Double scoring of all 100 artifacts by certified VALUE Institute scorers,
•Reporting templates for local reporting,
•Aggregate reports for context and comparison,*
•Goals review and next steps consultation.

*Please note that the aggregate reports currently reflect the learning outcomes that receive the most VALUE Institute participation; in other words, as the database scales, the VALUE Institute will be able to provide aggregate reports for all learning outcomes.  Currently, Written Communication, Critical Thinking, and Quantitative Literacy are the learning outcomes commonly featured in the aggregate reports shared with all VALUE Institute participants.

Each additional learning outcome fee: $3,000

Services are the same as above, but you may:

A) submit 100 different artifacts for an additional learning outcome; or

B) have the same 100 artifacts assessed for an additional learning outcome.*

* NOTE: Each artifact can only be assessed on up to two different learning outcomes.

File and Data Preparation fee: $1500

For an additional fee, campuses may opt to have AAC&U prepare the required files and associated data for the Institute, including: 

•organizing and naming all of the files appropriately; 
•redacting all assignments/artifacts of student/faculty/institutional identification; 
•recoding data generated by an institution’s Student Information System into VALUE Institute protocols; and, 
•providing the repackaged files/data back to the campuses in advance of scoring.

Advice on whether to select one or more outcomes for VALUE Institute assessment:

Some institutions prefer to assess one learning outcome per year, for example Critical Thinking in year 1 and Written Communication in year 2.

Some institutions prefer to assess more than one learning outcome per year, for example Critical Thinking and Written Communication in year 1, then Quantitative Literacy and Ethical Reasoning in year 2.

The most important thing your institution should determine before registering is your purpose for VALUE Institute assessment.  How do you plan to use your results?


Advice on how often your institution should submit student work for VALUE Institute assessment:

Some institutions choose to assess the same learning outcome every year (yearly) in order to evaluate whether students are meeting skill development and knowledge competency expectations.  Others assess one or multiple learning outcomes one year, then use a few years to interpret, share, and act on their VALUE Institute results before re-engaging with the assessment process.