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Quality Collaboratives (QC) Case Study: Introducing Deliberate Campus Change Efforts

QC Dyad: University of Wisconsin-Waukesha & University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP)
Contact: Peggy James, professor of political science and Jim Robinson, director of the Teaching and Learning Center (both of UWP)

September 2015

To create seamless transfer from the Associate of Applied Science to the Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha QC dyad partnered to use the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP: to establish a framework for program outcomes that maps courses by learning outcome and skills proficiency, within the Bachelors of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS). The BAAS is a skills-based degree completion program that is designed to prepare students for a life of creative and productive work in a changing and increasingly interdependent world. To carry out the project work, Parkside and Waukesha QC dyad leaders found it imperative to introduce project concepts in a scaffolded way to engage a larger group of stakeholders.

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