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Quality Collaboratives (QC) Case Study: Building Stronger Relationships, Establishing Data Sharing Agreements, and Recognizing when to Change Direction

QC Dyad: Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) & James Madison University (JMU)
Contact: Linda Cabe Halpern, vice provost for university programs (JMU)

September 2015

James Madison University (JMU) and Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) already had a good relationship and long history of working together productively. So, when we received the AAC&U Quality Collaboratives (QC) call for proposals from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), we thought the project would be a great opportunity to expand our work together and to improve transfer success for students. Unlike many of the QC dyads, therefore, our initial contact was with SCHEV, not with AAC&U, and we were always working within the context of Virginia’s unique approach to higher education coordination. In our QC project, we proposed an investigation of student performance in the major most commonly  chosen by students transferring from BRCC to JMU as well as three applied science majors in which we hoped to increase transfer numbers.

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