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Models of Global Learning

Indira Nair, Margaret Henning

Global education, or global learning, is not about national borders; it is about sharing problems, knowing that many challenges ultimately affect everyone because of the interconnectedness of today’s world citizens. Models of Global Learning...
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Field Guide to Eportfolio: Why It Matters for Learning

The Field Guide to Eportfolio, a publication produced by more than fifty members of the eportfolio field, provides an authoritative and representative account of the eportfolio concept including case studies from various countries.
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Becoming a Student-Ready College: A New Culture of Leadership for Student Success

Tia Brown McNair, Susan Albertine, Michelle Asha Cooper, Nicole McDonald, Thomas Major, Jr.

To ask whether students are “college-ready” is to concentrate on factors beyond the control of higher education. With this publication, the authors flip the question to provide a new perspective on creating institutional value and facilitating...
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Preparing Critical Faculty for the Future: Enlisting the Voices of STEM Women Faculty of Color

Alma R. Clayton-Pedersen, Terrel Rhodes, Patricia Lowrie, Jennifer M. Blaney

How can institutions recognize and support inclusive excellence among faculty? How can they build the capacity of women faculty of color to advance in their careers and contribute to reform efforts? Shining a spotlight on HBCUs as leaders...
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Increasing Student Success in STEM: A Guide to Systemic Institutional Change

Adrianna Kezar, Susan Elrod

Intended for faculty, administrators, and other academic leaders poised to mount comprehensive STEM reforms to improve student learning and success, particularly for students from underrepresented minority groups, this guide offers advice on...
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Open and Integrative: Designing Liberal Education for the New Digital Ecosystem

Randy Bass, Bret Eynon

This publication explores the implications for higher education of emerging digital capacities and culture. Arguing that any discussion that begins with technology is doomed to a diminished vision of learning, the authors make a case for...
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Essential Global Learning

Dawn Michele Whitehead

A compilation of seminal AAC&U articles on global learning, this publication provides a working definition of global learning, a framework for assessment of global learning, and case studies of high-impact global learning activities from a...
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Collaboration for Student Transfer: A Nationwide Degree Qualifications Profile Experiment

Terrel Rhodes, Gary Brown, Judith A. Ramaley, Rebecca Dolinsky Graham, Heather McCambly, Susan Albertine

This publication reports on efforts by two-year and four-year institutions in nine states—California, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, and North Dakota—to improve transfer articulation policies and practices...
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Action Steps for Advancing Transfer Student Success: Lessons Learned from Cross-Institutional Collaborations

Rebecca Dolinsky Graham, Terrel Rhodes, Heather McCambly

This publication presents ten case studies to demonstrate how close collaboration between two-year and four-year institutions can lead to greater success for transfer students.
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Assessment Practices for Advancing Transfer Student Success: Collaborating for Educational Change

Gary Brown, Terrel Rhodes

This publication offers practical advice on how to collaborate across institutions in order to advance learning outcomes assessment in the context of transfer.
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Faculty Leadership for Integrative Liberal Learning

Ann Ferren, David Paris

How can faculty prepare students to integrate their learning and apply it to complex challenges in life, career, and citizenship? This publication presents principles and practices for integrative learning that reflect a holistic concept of...
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The Quality of a College Degree: Toward New Frameworks, Evidence, and Interventions

Debra Humphreys, Judith A. Ramaley, Heather McCambly

This publication examines the alignment (and misalignment) between assessment approaches recommended by public policymakers and those undertaken at the campus level, especially in the context of student transfer from two-year to four-year...
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Assessment That Works: A National Call, A Twenty-First-Century Response

Peggy Maki

AAC&U’s Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) initiative is at the center of a national movement to change the way we envision and approach the assessment of student learning gains and accomplishments in college. This...
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Civic Prompts: Making Civic Learning Routine across the Disciplines

Caryn McTighe Musil

Designed to help build faculty capacity to incorporate civic learning in major courses and programs, this publication provides a process, or set of prompts, faculty can use to define and explore the public purposes and civic inquiries embedded...
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General Education Transformed: How We Can, Why We Must

Paul L. Gaston

A resource for general education reform and curriculum committees, this publication makes a case for re-envisioning general education with clear, purposeful pathways that allow all students to demonstrate their learning through high-impact...
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Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: A Campus Guide for Self-Study and Planning

Focused on issues of access and success, this publication provides a framework for dialogue, assessment, and action to address inequities in higher education institutions. It offers practical guidance for campus leaders and practitioners who...
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Step Up and Lead for Equity: What Higher Education Can Do to Reverse Our Deepening Divides

America’s persistent gaps in education, income, and wealth are widening, and the fastest-growing segments of our population are the least likely to have the opportunities they need to succeed. Higher education must focus more urgently on...
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The VALUE Breakthrough: Getting the Assessment of Student Learning in College Right

Daniel F. Sullivan

Focused on assignments produced for a degree program, rather than on answers on time-limited standardized tests, AAC&U’s Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) initiative represents a national movement to change the way...
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General Education Maps and Markers: Designing Meaningful Pathways to Student Achievement

A resource for faculty members, academic leaders, and policymakers, this publication provides clear principles and guidelines for ensuring that general education fosters essential learning outcomes and key proficiencies important for...
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America’s Unmet Promise: The Imperative for Equity in Higher Education

Keith Witham, Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux, Alicia C. Dowd, Estela Mara Bensimon

Responding to the urgent need to expand educational access and success for students from traditionally underserved groups, this publication presents an equity-minded framework that can be used throughout higher education. The authors offer...
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